Lebron James wins his first NBA title

It's Time to Start Appreciating Lebron James

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It’s time to start appreciating Lebron James. Whether you love him or hate him, we are watching of one of the greatest talents in NBA history play at the highest level ever played.
Yes, the decision was a mistake. Yes he should not have gone on national television and told the world he was leaving Cleveland for Miami- Lebron is at a point where he would admit as much. But that was two years ago. It’s time to move on.

Jun 21, 2012; Miami, FL, USA;  Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (6) during the post game press conference after winning the NBA championship in game five of the 2012 NBA Finals at the American Airlines Arena. The Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 121-106. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE
Lebron James speaking with the media after winning his first NBA title with the Miami Heat
I understand why people hated the Heat. The whole issue fans had with Miami was that everyone felt like they cheated- that they usurped the system by coming together through free agency, instead of doing it the way people perceived as the right way.
They celebrated before they ever played a game together. They made grand proclamations about multiple titles like they were apples you could pick from a tree, rather than a precious goal that is earned through hard work and dedication.
But, no matter what Lebron detractors might still say, he earned his title. Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder were the better team. They were younger, had more talent, and held home court advantage. None of that mattered, because it was Lebron’s time. He finally put everything in his basketball arsenal together and exorcised those demons that followed him for so long.
Lebron entered the league straight out of high school with the label of the ‘Chosen One’ and ‘King James’- it’s a lot of pressure to deal with. Lebron was just far enough away from Jordan that the media was ready to pass on the mantle of the greatest player of all-time. Every misstep and mistake that he made was immediately magnified and debated by the media while they were happening. The media was waiting for Lebron to be better than Michael, and when it seemed like he would never figure it out, they turned on him.
Lebron was the first great athlete to be held to the social media standard. He was the first player to have his legacy created and then debated in real time. If Lebron passed up a last second shot, he was immediately labeled as un-clutch and afraid throughout every social media outlet imaginable. His basketball shortcomings were magnified to a level that no player has ever had to deal with. There was a stretch were Lebron could do no right.
Heading into Game 6 of the Boston series with the Celtics leading 3-2, and the whole world expecting and hoping for him to fail, Lebron was facing the most pressure of any NBA player in recent history. And what did he do? Lebron went out and instead of crumbling under the pressure like everyone expected, he put on one of the greatest playoff performances in NBA history. The game became a defining moment for him. Few players have ever had a performance like Lebron’s.
In one playoff run Lebron has changed the narrative of his career. He answered every short coming his detractors had of him. He hit big shots, made game changing plays and dominated when it mattered most.
One championship will not change everyone’s opinion of him, but whether you decide to love Lebron or hate him, there is one thing that you should do: appreciate him. We are watching a great player chase history. And as sports fans isn’t that all we want?
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