Legal NFL Free Agency tampering set to begin

Legal NFL Free Agency tampering to begin in just a few hours!

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Blog Photo - Legal NFL Free Agency tampering set to beginNFL free agency does not begin until this Tuesday, March 12, at 4 p.m. ET. That said, we are just hours away from a new free agency "warm-up" period wherein tampering -- the old NFL black art of secretly negotiating with a new team while a player is still under contract with his current team -- is legal. That means effective midnight Eastern time tonight, your beloved NFL team can start legally conducting secret negotiations with Jake Long, Cliff Avril,  Steven Jackson, Wes Welker, or any of this year's crop of NFL unrestricted free agents.

There is a catch -- clubs can only negotiate with the free-agent-to-be player's agent. That means Ed Reed cannot be legally tampered with, because he does not currently have an agent. The player must also be a full-on unrestricted free agent -- franchise players and restricted free agents are not eligible for the upcoming "anything goes" weekend of tampering.

The National Football Post explains the ins and outs of legalized NFL free agent tampering, a previously illegal practice that will now be legal for the three-and-a-half days immediately preceding real NFL free agency. "During the three-day window, prospective unrestricted free agents can’t visit teams or have direct contact with team employees, except those from their current clubs," writes author Joel Corry. However, "NFL teams will be allowed to negotiate with the agents of prospective unrestricted free agents during a three-day period which runs from March 9 at 12:00 AM eastern time until 3:59:59 PM eastern time on March 12."

Blog Photo - Legal NFL Free Agency tampering set to beginThe new "legal tampering" window will be opened for the first time Friday night/Saturday morning at 12 a.m. Eastern. The new allowance for agent negotiation is a brand new rule that was approved this past autumn at the NFL owner's meetings. It's why the Chicago Bears are pushing so hard to re-sign Brian Urlacher within the next few hours.

"This is a new frontier for everyone," Eugene Parker, agent for Steven Jackson, told USA Today.

This means free agent negotiations can begin in earnest -- but in secret -- at Midnight tonight. Deals still cannot be announced until after 4 p.m. on Tuesday. But that doesn't mean I won't be checking Cliff Avril's Twitter page a couple times shortly after Midnight tonight.
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Yikes... next weak you can add who won and how much money they made with this new legal tampering... so now there is a new albeit temporary class of citizens in the nfl...