Legwand didnít wait long to get signed in

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Nashville Predators David Legwand didn’t wait for long when news got to him that the Detroit Red Wings wanted to have him in trades. With that part confirmed, he was quick to act and decided to forego his no-trade clause which would make the trade possible.
Legwand said that the moment he got the phone call about the trade was the moment he made his mind and things got into action. He said it was once in a life chance and he was not going to miss it or let it go to waste.
“It was pretty much a phone call home and that pretty much took care of it. I never gave (Nashville) a list, was never asked to waive it and I never asked for a trade,” Legwand said. “This happened kind of, obviously with their injuries and the people going down the middle, happened. It’s a once in a lifetime chance.”
It was after afternoon on Wednesday that the deal to trade Legwand was formulated and implemented. Legwand said it was a close call for the deadline but they got it on time and it was allowed to happen.
“Around 12:30 (central time) it started and actually got finished around 1:59 central time,” Legwand said. “I think they got it in at the nick of time and they allowed it.”
The Wings are in need of players because theirs are banged up and injured. Pavel Datsyuk is injured with knee problems which will keep him out of games for at least 3 weeks. Darren Helm wont be on the ice either as he has been suffering from repeat migraines. This all means they are looking to add players that are healthy and have the same talent as starters.
The Wings head coach Mike Babcock said that they Wings were searching for players that had veteran experience so that the guys could learn from someone.
“We needed a veteran guy to help these kids.These kids are real good players, but a little leadership helps. He’s got 40 points, can pass the puck, he can play on your power play and he can play against real players,” he said, “so it’ll be a good fit for us. He’s been well-coached in Nashville.
“He knows how to play the game and he’s from this area and knows the guys good. He’s skated with them lots in the summers and that, so I think it’s a good fit for our team.”
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