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Lessons learnt from the Daytona 500 accident on Monday!

2/28/12 in NASCAR   |   ironhide10   |   31 respect

Since Monday night’s Daytona 500 came to a halt after the accident that happened with Montoya’s car, there are other lessons learnt apart from the fact that Nascar needs to become more careful in order to prevent such accidents in the future. These lessons made Daytona 500 on of the most memorable and amazing tournaments in the history of Nascar. The three lessons are tide, tweeting and fire. Sounds petty and completely off the game, no?
Tide is actually a detergent manufactured by the fast moving consumer goods giant, Proctor and Gamble. The accident happened as a result of the jet fuel spilling from the truck who was supposed to keep the racing track dry. The fuel spillage caused the fire and left marks on the track too. Tide then got the time to shine! No one actually thought that the detergent would clean the fuel spilled on the track. The disastrous incident proved to provide a splendid opportunity for P&G to market its products and actually this detergent can be kept for future similar but less dangerous incidents.
Social networking sites all the way! Twitter was extensively made use of during the calamity that hit Daytona 500. When the red flag happened, one of the auto racing drivers took a picture of one of the cars on fire and tweeted it. Once the word was out, a huge following emerged on twitter and a huge series of tweets emerged, with discussions originating on players who arnt even on twitter. This lead to the situation being informed to the entire world and Twitter should be hailed because it allowed Nascar to connect to its fans and widen and strengthen its fan base.
Nascar and events as thrilling and fiery as Daytona 500 simply add to the thrill on HDTV. The lights, the colors are highly appealing on high definition screens since they add to the clarity of the picture and a game like Nascar with its speeding cars and turn of events that make one’s heart skip a beat, HDTV’s is the way to go! Nascar has another lesson to learn by airing its special events like Daytona 500 through primetimes and make use of high quality screens in order to attract viewers and keep them engaged to the race. This is especially useful since the fans had to go away Monday night. This can be used by Nascar and enable it to make use of such sources to cover its races as important as Daytona 500.
Last but not the least, the fire, although it was a huge danger, actually leads to all these lessons being learnt by Nascar. If this event would have ended without such a happening, probably there wouldn’t have been any room for this type of learning and given the fact that there were no casualties, it was not that bad an end after all. 
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