Liar Liar Pants On Fire

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Sep 22, 2012; South Bend, IN, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish linebacker Manti Te'o reacts after the game against the Michigan Wolverines at Notre Dame Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsLiar, Liar Pants on Fire. There, I said it. No one really wants to say it, do they? No one wants to call this kid out. Call him a big fat liar. I will. I did. And I think its true. The whole thing is too bizarre. And too made up. And the lies are getting tangled in the lies.

First, he didn't know anything until December 26. Then, it became December 6. Now, we find out that the whole time he was "talking" to his imaginary girlfriend, he was actually talking to a guy? Now, I don't care if Te'o is gay or straight, celibate or what, he plays football for goodness sake. But, what, why, how and WHY?

I can't seem to follow the whole story. Maybe from the beginning something seemed weird to me. If your girlfriend is dying, don't you go spend time with her? Don't you NOT publicize the whole thing because its too personal? I know people deal with grief in different ways but really? I chalked it up to football season, finances, but now? Weird.

Then, to find out he had a supposed "years-long" relationship with a person he never saw, never met , never touched-something is very, very off. And then to find out the "girl" he was talking to was actually a guy the whole time. This kid is a few shades off his rocker.

So what do we make of this entire situation? First, Te'o was made to look like a 3rd string high school player on a losing team in the Championship game. Now, this athlete is a liar, at the very least, and did his best to get the Heisman out of a good story that he clearly helped develop and continue. Te'o was made out to be a leader, bright, honest-a guy you would want in your locker room. I think he is coming off like a nut job.

But maybe, he is just a kid, who made a dumb mistake by playing along with the story for far too long. And Te'o got caught in his own web of lies and can't figure out how to backtrack his way out of this. If that is the case, I feel bad for him. as kids, we have all made at least one pretty big mistake-his is just exposing his to the entire world. That has got to suck.

I tend to think Te'o was seeking greener pastures-a Heisman, endorsements, a top 10 draft selection. Can't imagine he expected to be the butt of every comic across the country. But beyond being the butt of jokes, the whole Te'o story is weird and annoying. And I hope, for his sake, that he can just stop talking and just play. Because nobody likes a liar. And you are a liar Te'o. Hope your pants don't get on fire.
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well, if we got rid of everyone in sports that lied... there would be no sports LOL
I doubt there would be enough players left to form one team :P
i really could care less about this whole thing
are we this desperate for news?  If we got ride of the gun packing players and dog killers
and liars ... who is left?  Oh, right, Tim Tebow!  lol