Lil Wayne blasts NBA and Miami Heat – Reveals he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife

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Blog Photo - Lil Wayne blasts NBA and Miami Heat – Reveals he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife
Lil Wayne, who lambasted against the NBA and the Miami Heat, announced during his weekend performance that he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne. The notorious rapper created a whirlpool of controversy at his latest performance.
According to reports from, Lil Wayne blasted the basketball league and the east-side team and revealed he had a sexual relationship with Adrienne. The rapper’s antics have worked like a double-edged sword.
The Miami Heat have to deal with an unpleasant situation once again, but it’s Lil Wayne who has been left to deal with the lion’s share of the trouble. Lil Wayne’s actions have put another ugly dent in the rapper’s career. As Lil Wayne’s rapping days tumble towards dark days, many media outlets have labeled his actions as immature and childish.
Famous sports news website, Green Bean Buddy was one of the first media outlets to bring news of Lil Wayne’s rants.
“Lil Wayne is not fond of Miami Heat. He made that pretty clear during an on-stage performance, or rather rant, during the NBA All-Star Weekend. But apart from his blast on the team, he also claimed he slept with Chris Bosh's wife,” a report on Green Bean Buddy said.
“The Young Money’s CEO's ill feeling toward the Heat was said due to him being banned from all NBA events. And the reason for his banning, as he said, was his cheering for the Los Angeles Lakers during a game against the Heat in Miami last week. But according to reports, it was actually his gun gesture directed at an audience that got him kicked out.”
There is still no conclusive on whether Lil Wayne has been banned from all NBA games, but it was probably his gun gesture towards the audience that got him kicked out. Given that it was Lil Wayne who triggered this saga, the rapper shouldn’t blame NBA or the Miami Heat.
Lil Wayne’s claims that his relationship with Adrienne is what got him kicked out of the stadium is probably bogus, but as for sleeping her… well, it appears as if the past has come to haunt Adrienne.
Adrienne “short stack” Williams acquired a certain reputation for herself back from short-lived modeling days. She has been posting inspirational quotes on her Twitter account since Lil Wayne’s outburst, but hasn’t yet directly confronted the situation.
From what it appears, it will be Lil Wayne who breaks the silence between the two parties once again. 
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