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The trifecta yesterday sealed the deal on a tremendous week. After wrapping up the Pacers play last night, the 3-0 from yesterday left me with a 9-1 record for the week (5-1 with college hoops and 4-0 in the NBA). That easily snaps me out of the doldrums of the last several weeks, and now I'm sitting at 22-12 (14-7 with college hoops and 8-5 in the NBA) so far for the month of February with a week to go before we turn it over to March. There's no time like the present, so let's get to work on today's schedule.



THE NBA (5-2 last night, 25-16 for the week and 67-59 so far for the month)



SU WINNERS (5-0 last night, 27-12 for the week and 86-46 so far for the month)



We've got another tie showing up today in the Grizzlies/NETS game.



TOTALS (3-4 last night, 21-20 for the week and 65-61 so far for the month)

OVERS - Grizzlies/NETS (180 1/2), Warriors/WOLVES (204 1/2), Cavs/HEAT (204 1/2), Kings/HORNETS (202 1/2), Celtics/SUNS (192 1/2) and Bulls/THUNDER (196)

UNDERS - Lakers/MAVS (212), 76ers/KNICKS (187 1/2) and Spurs/BLAZERS (201 1/2)



BUTTA (1-0 last night, 4-0 for the week and 8-5 so far for the month)

Warriors/WOLVES (O204 1/2) - A little out of my comfort zone to start the new week, but I wouldn't play it if I didn't feel it. For all their injuries this season, the Wolves have still shown the ability to score a boat load of points, and the Warriors defense has been shredded on the road lately. In their last 14 games away from home, Golden State has given up over 100 in 11 those games, and we all know the Warriors don't have any problem scoring. So, while I don't care one way or the other for the spread, or how it matches up with my projection for the game, I do like this TOTAL. WOLVES 111, Warriors 96




1. MAVS (-2 1/2) over Lakers - I would like to believe Kobe when he says the Lakers will make the playoffs, but I'm still not seeing it. The Mavs have been on a tear over their last 26 games, going 19-7 ATS, and they've got some revenge going here for a massive beatdown they took at the hands of the Lakers way back in November. MAVS 115, Lakers 95

2. NETS (+3 1/2) vs. Grizzlies - Isn't it about time for the Griz to drop one? Probably not against the Nets without Joe Johnson today. As you can no doubt tell, I don't agree with my numbers on this one. Grizzlies 99, NETS 99

3. HEAT (-13) over Cavs - Cleveland has been a terrible b2b team with a 2-8 SU record when closing consecutive games on the road. Thankfully, the number keeps me from having to make a decision on a clearly superior Heat team even though they're playing their 4th game in 5 nights. HEAT 118, Cavs 101

4. HORNETS (-7) over Kings - Two very young teams trying to find their way. I like the Stingers as the lesser of 2 evils. HORNETS 112, Kings 92

5. 76ers (+10) at KNICKS - I don't know how they do it, but the numbers say the Sixers stay under today. That might be very hard to do for them as they are only 1-9 SU when closing a b2b on the road. The Knicks are also still looking for their 1st win of the 2nd half. KNICKS 89, 76ers 80

6. Spurs (-9) over SUNS - This is the last stop on the Spurs annual "Rodeo Trip", and usually, it's not a good idea to be on a team in this kind of situation. The Suns really don't have anything to battle the Spurs with, but there may be a silver lining for Phoenix. The injury report says that Tony P. is going to sit this one out with a triceps injury. Spurs 106, SUNS 85

7. BLAZERS (-2) over Celtics - The Blazers have been fading fast. They really need this home win to keep themselves within earshot of the conversation. BLAZERS 100, Celtics 97

8. Bulls (+9) at THUNDER - It just looks like too many points for a Bulls team that's built on defense and rebounding. THUNDER 105, Bulls 100



COLLEGE HOOPS (20-20 ATS/27-13 SU/29-11 TOTALS yesterday, 50-45/65-29/54-41 for the week and 163-148/214-92/155-156 so far for the month)



BUTTA (2-0 yesterday, 5-1 for the week and 14-7 so far for the month)

Nothing to see here today. I was liking Ohio St. till I dug in on some of the trending data which all seems to back Michigan St.




1. DUKE (-16 1/2, U142 1/2) 79, Boston College 54

2. VIRGINIA (-10, U111) 62, Georgia Tech 48

3. VIRGINIA TECH (+1 1/2, U141 1/2) 60, Florida St. 54

4. Illinois (+9 1/2, U135) 63, MICHIGAN 56

5. OHIO ST. (-3, U130) 68, Michigan St. 60

6. PURDUE (-6, U123) 66, Northwestern 53

7. NOTRE DAME 52, Cincinnati (+3, U124 1/2) 50

8. ST. JOHN'S (+5, O125) 67, Pitt 66

9. USC (+1 1/2, O143) 82, Ucla 75



And there you have it. Looks like another winter storm is barreling towards God's Country tonight. It's not so much the accumulation of snow that's expected this time around as it is the makeup of this system that's troubling. Warm enough to start as rain and then change to snow as the temps drop. That could make for a nasty situation tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it isn't all it's cracked up to be. Have a grand and glorious Sunday, and I'll see you again, power company willing, tomorrow.

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