Lin Explains How to Get Into Harvard
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Want to Know How to Get Into Harvard? Jeremy Lin Explains

2/27/12 in NBA   |   DeanMcArdle   |   20 respect

Revenge of the Nerds

            Jeremy Lin hit the basketball world like an atomic bomb. He became a sensation that transcended the sport and all media types in the span of a week. But why did he so universally capture the countries attention? Maybe it is because he presented a glimpse of innocence in a league teeming with prima donnas and monstrous egos. Lebron disgusted many with his "Decision," while Lin offers up satirical YouTube videos mocking being a nerd. Has the country latched on to Lin for what he is? Or is it for what he isn't?

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2/28/12   |   YankeeFan   |   98 respect

Hilarious - love it!

2/28/12   |   keppieboy   |   158 respect

Very cool makes you like the kid even more.