Lin Still Wins in New York

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Blog Photo - Lin Still Wins in New York

Some things never change.  Jeremy Lin won in the Garden last year and he won in the Garden this year, but this time for a different team.  The Houston Rockets beat the Carmelo-less Knicks 109-96 Monday evening, as Jeremy Lin made his long expectant return back to MSG.  
However, it was a game that had more hype than hoops for Knicks fans.  The Houston Rockets led for almost the entire game and were up as many as 16 points towards the waning minutes of the 4th quarter.  So, it was no coincidence that cheers for Jeremy Lin turned into a chorus of boo’s towards the end of the game.  Knicks fans have always been loyal to their team, before any player.    
"It was a lot of fun playing out there and I think our team, we took a step in the right direction," Lin said. "And for me, it was great to be back and it was a lot of fun to play on that court again.  I've moved on, they've moved on.  We have good memories, but at the same time we're all in a different place now."
His head coach, Kevin McHale, hopes that this game will serve as a catalyst for Lin’s slow start with the Rockets.  "I hope this is the start of a nice run for him, because he works really hard," Rockets coach Kevin McHale said. "He's a great kid. He deserves it."
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