Lions GM Martin Mayhew insists he and Schwartz didnít have problems

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThere have been ongoing reports that the Detroit Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew has been having problems with the ex-coach of the franchise Jim Schwartz and it is all too known that both the men do not see on almost all the matters eye to eye. So it was no surprise to presume that they did not get along well.
Mayhew himself came forward on Monday and insisted that the reports about him and Schwartz having problems with each other were bogus and in reality all was well and the firing of the coach had nothing to do with being personal.
“There’s a lot of speculation about a lot of things nowadays. It surprises me the things that people can speculate on. ... When I read that we’re not speaking to our head coaches,” he said, “I’m just dumbfounded by that, that we’re not on speaking terms. It’s totally wrong.”
Mayhew added that the reports were completely untrue and they were just ways to add to the news headlines.
“It’s totally off base and there tends to be speculation about things where now people are just saying things that are just false, and that becomes news, and it’s very disappointing.”
Still, the rumours had always been there that the two men didn’t like each other and would have been all too happy to see one of the other fired. After the Lions went 4-12 in the last season under coach Jim Schwartz, news was that Mayhew wanted to get rid of Schwartz. Even if Mayhew wanted to do that, he wasn’t able to as during the summer the franchise awarded Schwartz a three year extension to the contract.
When fired, Schwartz still had two good years and a total of $12 million still left on the contract. President of the franchise Tom Lewand said that the team was able to convince Schwartz to leave his contract and no complications were faced in doing so.
“Our ownership’s discussion begins and ends with what it takes to bring a consistently winning football team to the city of Detroit,” Lewand said. “They started almost every conversation I had with them about the fans deserving better.”
He said that the team always had their aim to please the fans and they would continue to do so.
“Their commitment to our fans is amazing and the resources that they will bring to bear to accomplish the goal that they have for this organization is tremendously significant.”
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