Lions Hitting the Mark in Free Agency

A+ Offseason So Far for Detroit

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Blog Photo - Lions Hitting the Mark in Free AgencyGranted we’re only 36 hours into the 2013 offseason, but the Detroit Lions have already been more active this year than in the 2012 offseason as a whole.

Coming off their 45-28 postseason loss to New Orleans in 2011, the Lions had a lot of questions going into last season, but months and months went by and no solutions came around.  No additions to a weak secondary, no added insurance in the backfield and even though the 10-6 record looked strong on paper, leaving the roster untouched was evidently a huge mistake. 
2012 saw the Lions struggle to stay afloat to start off the season before absolutely collapsing by week 10, when their 8-game losing streak closed out an extremely disappointing year.  And unlike the 2012 offseason, the 2013 NFL hiatus has featured a very active Lions front office.
1. The Backfield
Is Reggie Bush about to take the league by storm and solidify the Lions as one of the premier offenses in the NFL?  That’s probably a step too far, especially the first part, but what he will undoubtedly bring to the team is an explosive playmaker that does his best work when defenses leave openings.  Luckily he know finds himself playing alongside a wide receiver that demands more defensive attention than any other wideout in the league.  Safeties stay back to help on Megatron, and running lanes are open, which should leave space for Bush to help break some big plays.
Bush proved to be a far more effective through-the-tackles runner in his last two years in Miami, and while that’s extremely reassuring, the Lions still a few solid up-the-gut runners to offer a great change-of-pace to Bush in Mikel Leshoure and Joquie Bell.  All around, the backfield is far more complete.
2. The Secondary
It was shocking that the team didn’t do anything to solve their secondary concerns last season.  In the last two games of 2011, the Lions allowed 90 total points to the offenses of Drew Brees and Matt Flynn.  Yet the Lions brought in very little in terms of help.
In comes 4-year Texan Glover Quin.  With 250 tackles and 5 picks in his first 4 seasons, Quin will replace either oft-injured and unreliable safety Amari Spievey or potentially injury-prone, inconsistent big-hitter Louis Delmas who is currently unsigned.  Quin’s contract is worth $24.5 million over 5 years. 
The Lions also retained #1 corner Chris Houston, locking him up for the next 5 years for $25 million.  The team is now in need of a reliable #2, but nailing down a solid corner for 5 years is an extremely reassuring move.
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