Lions Sign "Kickalicious" Havard Rugland

"Kickalicious" Headed to Mo-Town

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Blog Photo - Lions Sign "Kickalicious" Havard RuglandLosing Jason Hanson, the Detroit Lions kicker for 21 seasons and the franchise’s all-time points leader, was a huge blow to the team.  The Lions then had a semi-poor gut reaction to Hanson’s retirement, signing veteran lefty David Akers to a one-year deal worth about $1 million.  The long-time Eagle really struggled last season, posting the worst stats of his career.  He hit barely over half of his attempts from 40-49 yards (7-13) and missed his first 20-29 yarder since 2007, and only the second of his career.  Overall, Akers hit only 69% of his kicks in 2012, well under his career average of 81% as well as his 84.6% in 2011.
Before Thursday, he was the un-rivaled starting kicker for the Lions, but now…..things could potentially be different.
On September 16, 2012, Norwegian Kicker Havard Rugland posted a video called “Kickalicious” (featured below) and it quickly started to go viral, now with nearly 3-million views.  In the 4-minute video, Rugland puts on a ridiculous display.
The video helped him get a tryout with the Jets this past December, but nothing came of it.  Now, however, we’ll get a chance to see what the crafty Norwegian can really do on the football field.
Blog Photo - Lions Sign "Kickalicious" Havard RuglandThe “Kickalicious” video showcases a variety of Rugland’s skills.  It shows him kicking a football into a basketball hoop from about 50 feet out, nailing field goals from nearly impossible angles, kicking a football towards a receiver 50 yards away and hitting him in stride, and tons of other stunts.  The video then culminates with quite possibly the most jaw-dropping of all his stunts, as Rugland lob-kicks one ball up in the air about 30 yards in front of him, then as the ball is descending, he kicks a line drive right at the first ball and the two balls meet in mid air.  Awesome.
Of course there’s no telling how many takes were required for Rugland to complete each stunt.  For all we know, he could have been attempting to compile this film for over a year.  But the mere fact that he has the ability to do everything in the video is really enough on its own to spike the intrigue of the public.
We’ll know shortly whether the Lions found themselves their new starting kicker in the 28-year-old Rugland.  Undoubtedly the Detroit fanbase will be rooting for him against the far less interesting option of the aging Akers, but the “Kickalicious” star still has a lot to prove before completing his journey from YouTube Sensation to NFL star.

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