Lions looking to finish 21 year losing streak at FedEx Field

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsEven though the Detroit Lions have a losing streak in Washington spanning over 21 games, that is the least of the worries on their mind as they prepare themselves to face the Washington Redskin on Sunday. The Lions are 1-1 and the Redskins are 0-2, hungry for a win.
Regarding the match, Rob Sims who plays left guard for Lions said "We're focused on what we've got to do this time around. Not too worried about what that (streak) is. We've just got to worry about Sunday."
This season did not kick off as the Redskins wanted. Their quarterback Robert Griffin III ran for a meager 25 yards for both the losses they suffered, which may show that he has not fully recovered back from a knee injury he suffered in the playoffs. He summed up 816 rushing yards in his rookie years. 
Redskins defense hasn’t been much of an asset to Griffin. With the defense crumbling, they averaged 511.5 and 35.5 points for their losses to Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers.
This means that they are determined to win on Sunday and will be playing with a lot of focus. Commenting on what the Redskins would bring to field, Lions cornerback Chris Houston said "You know you're going to get everything they've got so this is a tougher game than somebody who's 2-0. These are the toughest games right here."
The Lions are starving for a win after they lost to the Arizona Cardinals, which came chiefly due to penalties and drops. To achieve this, playing defense similar to how the Redskins do might be just the thing. During last week’s Packers match, they allowed seven passes and nine plays that were over 20 yards.
Because the Cardinals and Vikings positioned their deep in, the Lions were disabled from taking shots way down the field. The Redskins incorporate blitz quite often in their tactics so this might be the time for Matthew Stafford of Lions to shine,
Regarding the situation, Lions’ wide receiver Calvin Johnson said "It's always tough when someone's always playing over the top, but this game might be a chance. Definitely eager to get some (chances) and make some big plays." He added “If we can't get them over the top, we've just got to catch and run."
The Lions defense needs to get ready to face an arsenal of tactics from Redskins. Griffin can make plays happen and can throw far, which means the defensive backs have to be alert. Second-year running back Alfred Morris also needs to be dealt with. In 2012, he ran a total of 1,613 yards.
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