Listing the 2012 "Biggest Turkeys in Sports" lists
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We aggregate the "Biggest Turkeys in Sports" lists so you don't have to read them

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Blog Photo - Listing the 2012 "Biggest Turkeys in Sports" listsThe laziest meme in sportswriting gets trotted out every year right before Thanksgiving. With names like "Turkeys of the Year" or "The Biggest Turkeys in Sports", sports writers nationwide will list athletes and sports figures whom they feel have represented themselves poorly this year. Every one of us has seen this damned article every damned year since we could read a sports page -- and in the Internet era, the tired old turkey schtick is even more tired because the authors will present their picks in a slideshow requiring you to click through ten different pages.  

See, it's funny because "turkey" is an insult that is commonly used-- oh, wait, it's not funny at all, and the word "turkey" has not been used as an insult in the American vernacular since gas was still seventy-five cents a gallon. So save yourself the trouble of clicking through these unfunny, time-consuming slideshows, as we've done it for you and listed the winners of the 2012 Biggest Turkeys in Sports awards.

The results are compiled from four widely-read sports sites' "Turkey lists" for 2012 -- Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Athlon Sports, and the New England Sports Network. Many of these are online slideshows, and you're welcome to browse them -- but don't expect to get those seven minutes of your life back.

Blog Photo - Listing the 2012 "Biggest Turkeys in Sports" listsOnly GaryBettman/NHL scored a clean Turkey sweep, making all four sports sites' 2012 Turkey lists.

Included on an impressive three-of-four turkey lists are the NFL Replacement Referees, Lance Armstrong, and the San Francisco Giants who tested positive for PEDs, Melky Cabrera and Guillermo Mota.

Those who made two Turkey lists are Bobby Petrino, Bobby Valentine, Hope Solo, and Jeff Loria/Miami Marlins.

The list of athletes or sports figures receiving only one Turkey vote is pretty lengthy, and many of these Turkeys are fairly obscure. The honorable mention of the bunch should go to Sports Illustrated, for actually using the term Alabama Teabagger.

This list is meant to save you the time and trouble of reading those Turkey articles, as it's a half-baked idea that's going dry. Should those writers need some new ideas, I would recommend a Mother's Day piece naming the "Biggest Mother******* in Sports".
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