Little "E"

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Nascar’s version of a rock star. Also known as a modern day warrior. The man known as Little E. But after this past test session at Daytona. He was probably more known as big E. The man on a mission. The man on a one way track back to stardom. But most of all. A man on his way back to victory lane.

Tony Eury Jr couldn’t have been a more happier man. He had the look of a kid, who had just seen Santa Claus. Watching his driver scorch his way around the 2.5 mile race track known as Daytona Speedway. After all was said and done. Jr sat atop the speed charts, in the much anticipated 88 car.

You could feel the electricity from Jr’s eyes as he hammered his way around, lap after lap. The much awaited debut of Nascar’s most popular driver. After all, isn’t this what all of Jr’s fans were waiting for? For him to come out and hopefully quiet his critics. The same critics who last season said that he had no driving skills? The same critics who said, that even driving for the power house team of HMS wouldn’t make a difference?

Jr was about as pumped as any driver down there. You could see it in his eyes. You could also tell by the media frenzy that took place on Monday. Much like what usually only takes place on race day. And this was only a test day. If this is any indication of how his season will progress. Watch out. All eyes were on him. Jr is back. And back with a vengence. 


But as we approach his 2 year Nascar annivesary from his last race win. What has happened in between Daytona and now? 3rd is standings with still no race win? You can't beat that for consistency. After all he is in a better position this year then what he was last year. Im sure alot of drivers wouldnt mind being where he is now. Ask Jeff Gordon or Matt Kenseth. Even though it is still early in the season. But being outside the top 12 is not where any driver wants to be. In these last 2 years. We have seen that looks or popularity is not what it takes to win  races. Ask Dale Jr. If that was case he would probably be on a winning streak instead of a losing streak.


What is it gonna take him to get to victory lane. Maybe he could ask Kyle Busch how he has done it. Or for that matter Carl Edwards. An annivesary is a time to celebrate something good that has happened to you. Not something that was and now is hard to reach. For a Rock/Nascar star like Dale Jr. It should have been a fairly simple recipe to find victory once again. But that has not been the case.


So as the checkered green flag waves on saturday night. I am sure as he will be trying his hardest to get that win. That all of the Jr faithfuls will continue to root there driver on. Win or lose he will continue to be the most popular driver. But I am sure that a trip to victory lane would also be a nice homscoming. Good luck on saturday to all of the drivers. Especially to the one who really needs it. There were alot of expectations about this up coming year. Alot of pressure to go with it. But I am also sure, that Rick knew what he was doing in signing Jr to race on his team this next year. After all. You look at two of his teammates. Both from Cali. Both are back to back champions. Who can’t say that Rick Hendrick doesn’t breed champions? The ball is in his court. Destiny is knocking at his door. Now its up to Jr to answer the door. The door to his future. The door to the unknown. That is, until the green flag drops. Then all will be revealed.

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Another Great one!!

Well wish Richmond would have been it.

I'm going to look to the Lady In Black for a win.  Hope she's nice to him this weekend.