Little League coach sues player after Achilles injury

A Little League coach is suing one of his players for $500k

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Blog Photo - Little League coach sues player after Achilles injuryIn one of the most ridiculous stories I've seen in a long time, a Little League coach in California is suing a player for $500,000 after the player threw a helmet in the air celebrating a win and it hit the coach in the Achilles and injured him.

KCRA 3 reporter Mike Tesselle in Sacramento replicated the incident, and it shows just how ridiculous this lawsuit is.

The kid did something that a ton of players do at many different levels. When he was about to score the winning run, he threw his helmet in the air, as we've seen many players do. The helmet, through no fault of the player, happened to strike the coach in his Achilles, tearing it.

Obviously, the kid had no malicious intent. This is called an accident. Still the coach is seeking $500,000 for "pain, lost wages, and medical bills."

What an a-hole.

Here's Tesselle's report:

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Somebody suing somebody else has replaced baseball as America's favorite past time