Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers explains his transfer poilcies

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Blog Photo - Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers explains his transfer poilcies
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers believes his side can be strong contenders for silverware. In the light of Liverpool’s performance from its past 15 games, Brendan Rodgers reckons his side can give their adversaries a run for the gold if they continue to improve and add a couple of impact players to the squad.
Brendan Rodgers earlier declared he had set out to bring Liverpool back to its great height, something that the former Swansea manager has managed to walk towards in the second half of the season. Brendan Rodgers claims he can set out the path for Liverpool’s rejuvenation, but he will need faith and money to do so.
Brendan Rodgers, who promised to bring revolution through evolution, has lightened up Liverpool’s season after a poor start to the campaign. Liverpool barely recorded a point in the first 14 games of the season, which left the club 12th on the Premier League table. However, Liverpool has proved to be the third-best team in the Premier League in the past 15 games.
Amazingly, the Merseyside club has averaged more than two points per match since December last year. Only Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have been able to record better results. Brendan Rodgers believes adding a little more talent and depth to Liverpool’s squad can do wonders next term.
“It is quality we are after now, not quantity,” said Brendan Rodgers, while holding up Chelsea’s Daniel Sutrridge and Inter Milan’s Philippe Coutinho as two examples of the signings he is after. “We see the impact of Coutinho, and Sturridge’s quality, in January. That’s what we’re looking for.
“If we bring in another three or four players of that quality, add that to what we have got, then we have got a strong squad that can compete.
“You look at what we have done this season, and the progression is there to see. In our first 14 games, we were only 12th in the table, but our last 14 we are third best - and that is what we expected.
“It was all about the players bedding in and coming to terms to what we are after, and that takes time. I think you can see we are getting there now, and we have a really strong squad already.”
With Jamie Carragher retiring at the end of the season and the need for a new striker and a creative midfielder still ominous, Brendan Rodgers knows he will have to making signings in every department.
“Ideally, in terms of squad numbers, I’m looking that we have between 20 and 22 - two players in every position and your three goalkeepers,” Brendan Rodgers said. “Then, below that, having young players who can support that. We have already had a real good year with the young players this year to assess where they are at with their development.
“There is no doubt there is a natural rebuilding that will come with the likes of Carra going. I am happy with the squad. if I can then put another three or four quality players into it. Obviously, naturally, there might be people who aren’t playing who might want to think about going elsewhere, but at the moment it’s a strong squad and we can build on it with a good summer.”
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