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Living the Dream with Casey Stern

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As sports fan, we all dream about somehow getting involved with or working in something that has to do with sports since it is something we love.

One person who is currently living the dream is
MLB Network Radio/NFL Radio/Mad Dog Sports Radio, all on SiriusXM, is Casey Stern. As can be seen from the previous sentence, Casey is all over the airwaves these days doing something he always dreamed about doing.

Casey was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to tell us about how he became a sports fan, how he got into sportscasting, his thoughts on
his recent extension with SiriusXM Sports Radio and what it is like to be living the dream.

PH: Growing up, how did you get into sports?
CS: My dad was a die hard sports fan and started taking me to games at an early age. From there, I just realized that I was much more interested in doing the math on batting averages than I was for school. It just kind of spiraled into obsession pretty early. 

PH: Growing up, who were some of your favorite teams/players?
CS: I grew up (and still am) a die hard Islanders, Mets and NY Giants fan (Knicks too but more so way back when).

Wow, there is just a laundry list of players I grew up loving but in hockey I was a huge Pat LaFontaine guy. He and Ray Bourque were my favorite players during their careers. I was a huge Dwight Gooden guy as well as Lenny Dykstra. I love the way "Nails" went about things on the field. Football takes me immediately to Lawrence Taylor but I am not alone there. I was also a big Joe Morris guy in his day. 

PH: At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to work in sports media?
CS: I remember being about five years old and my parents thinking I was looney tunes because they would always catch me talking to myself in my room. I wasn't. I would hold a pencil as a microphone and call the games for the Mets, along with the late, great Bob Murphy. I knew VERY early on. 

PH: Tell us about how you got your start in sports media.
 After college I actually got out of the business and tended to finances and family. After moving back to NY from LA, in 2002 I started doing blogs, articles for whoever would take them, tapes and reels for whoever would listen...and then ESPN Dream Job came, and the rest is history I guess. 
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