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Locker Room Extra - why do celebs act the way they do? Ask Ed Lover

9/26/09 in Locker Room   |   DeeRigga   |   5704 respect

I know that we don't allow to much cussing on the Q because it's kind of a "family type" site for all to enjoy and have fun on; but I am asking for the following link to be allowed to be watched by those of us that are interested in the Hip Hop Community and, really, by everyone who can clearly understand that celebrities are the MOST WHACKED OUT folks in the world...If many of you are familiar with Kanye West's latest act of tomfoolery on the AMAs, you will find this link incredibly funny - but I must warn all, it has some strong language...but it HAS to be said to make its point.

With that...I give you Ed Lover...All those that follow me will will ROFLYAO because this is funnier than heck heated twice over:
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