Looks like FIFA will add goal Line technology

Looks like FIFA will add goal line technology

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FIFA Resident BlatterFIFA President Blatter looks like he's doing something right, for a change.

Just before Bayern Munich beat Raja for the not-so-well-known Club World Championship, he and the Strategic Committee met in Marrakech to discuss goal-line technology, and the group lauded it, but no vote will take place before next year's FIFA Congress.

Referees love it. Fan comments are generally positive. Even history supports it, such as the 2002 quarterfinal between Germany and the United States in which even the players on the field knew the USA scored--but the flag never went up. And so, even though Germany calling it a "cakewalk" became, "We got lucky," the Germans advanced on a single goal that went uncontested.

So far as the technology goes, the only problem I see is that it may not be working at one end, while it works perfectly at the other. This problem could easily happen, mainly because of the shots just about everything takes from the ball at some point. There is no way, however, that it will be frequent, though I await the day I sit next to someone claiming the electronic eye is off by three seconds of a degree.

Also discussed at the meeting were age and term limits (which I doubt this group took seriously), doping, match manipulation, discrimination, racism, promotion of the women's side, and the possible use of video for disciplinary matters. The fact that they even have to discuss the last one tells me how not-so-serious they are about discipline.

Not on the agenda: any thing that would prevent another Ireland-France or Uruguay-Ghana controversy. Apparently, they like it when a deliberate beak of the rules can win the game.
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