Lopsided Super Bowl still sets all-time ratings record

Crappy Super Bowl still sets all-time ratings record with 111.5 million U.S. viewers

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Blog Photo - Lopsided Super Bowl still sets all-time recordI have heard plenty of you refer to Super Bowl XLVIII as the "worst Super Bowl ever", but you won't hear that from any executives at the FOX Network. Those network executives will be making snow angels in piles of cash like they were Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith in the image at right. The game was a lopsided blowout, the commercials were the lamest batch in a decade, and Bruno Mars gave nowhere near the caliber of halftime performance as recent years' Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame worthy pop personalities.

None of this mattered. More of you watched Super Bowl XLVIII than any other television broadcast in U.S. history. That dog of a game had more viewers than the "M*A*S*H" finale, more viewers than the "Seinfeld" finale, and more viewers than any Presidential Debate ever.  In fact, more viewers in the New York metropolitan area watched this year's Super Bowl than even in 2012 when the New York Giants were playing in the Super Bowl.

ESPN reports that Super Bowl XLVIII was the most-watched television event in U.S. history, with 111.5 million viewers. In other words, 1 out of every 3 Americans watched the Seahwaks-Broncos Super Bowl on TV. And that's not even counting the half-million more who watched it online.

Blog Photo - Lopsided Super Bowl still sets all-time record"We were a little surprised, absolutely," FOX Sports executive Bill Wanger told ESPN. Wanger said that when Percy Harvin took the second half kickoff all the way for a touchdown to establish that the route was on, "let's just say we weren't popping Champagne bottles."

They are today. Additionally, an online audience of 528,000 was streaming the Super Bowl at FOXSports.com, and a record 25 million tweets referenced the Super Bowl over a 3.5-hour period Sunday night.

Just imagine if the game had been any good!

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Uhm...I thought Bruno was pretty f***ing awesome.