Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim's Playoff Hopes Dwindle

A Split Causes Playoff Hopes To Fall

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Do you believe in (the) Angels? 

That's what a lot of fans find themselves thinking as their team split a double header against the Texas Rangers on Sunday. 

The Angels will now travel to Seattle to face the Mariners, who just got wept by the Oakland A's making the Angels' play off hopes even slimmer. 

Now the Angels will have to win all three games against the Mariners and hope that the Rangers sweep the A's because Anaheim is three games behind. 

It's a long shot, but until their hopes are gone, there is no point in giving up. That's what the playoffs are all about, right? Believing in your team no matter how bad things look.

Sadly, the Angels have had a fairly good second half of the season, and if they went to the post season they'd probably fare well. But since they got off to such a horrible start, things are down to the wire now.

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