Los Angeles Clippers to sign Chauncey Billups and Jamal Crawford

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Even though the Los Angeles Clippers are still functioning without a general manager ever since Neil Olshey suddenly took off to the Portland Trail Blazers, still the franchise managed to keep a clear head about their objectives this season. The Los Angeles Lakers have been trying to establish a strong footing in the West since last season when they signed Chris Paul. And the Los Angeles Clippers’ efforts took fruit this when they finished fourth n the West and qualified to the second-round of the playoffs in Western Conference.
However, the Los Angeles Clippers had a dysfunctional shooting guard spot last season due to which there was a reduction in Chris Paul’s production.  Chauncey Billups played out of position next to Chris Paul until he was sidelined with a season ending Achilles tendon surgery. Los Angeles Clippers point guard filled in and logged minutes at the position. Even Nick Young and Randy Foye had their go at the backcourt spots.
Jamal Crawford, who has shown the best off the bench throughout a majority of his career also emerged as a shooting guard prospect and offered some promise, but the 2010 Sixth Man of the Year could no longer play minutes.
Hence, it’s not surprising at all that the Los Angeles Clippers are going with the tried and tested guard pieces instead of the veteran free agents 39-year-old Jason Kidd and 36-year-old Ray Allen. Point guard Chris Paul had been trying to bring around Ray Allen to join the franchise. However, the Los Angeles Clippers took themselves out of the race for Ray Allen by cancelling the visit he had scheduled with the team for Friday.
Ray Allen will still be going through negotiations with the recently crowned NBA champions Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics, who are hopeful the shooting guard, who ranked first in most 3-pointers made last season,  will return for another run.
Although Chauncey Billups only played 20 games due to the Achilles' heel injury, still the 35-year-old managed 15 points per game last season. ESPN reported the Clippers are offering Chauncey Billups a one-year contract. Meanwhile, Los Angeles Times’ Roderick Turner stated that the Los Angeles Clippers are giving Chauncey Billups$4.3 million for the contract (inclusive of bonuses).
Jamal Crawford had a fairly uneventful last season with the Portland Trail Blazers and averaged 13.9 points per game with 30 percent shooting from the 3-pointer range. In a 12-year NBA career, Jamal Crawford averaged 15.3 point with 34.8 percent shooting from the 3-pointer range.
Jamal Crawford will be a valuable for the Clippers, adding sixe in the backcourt, owing to his 6-foot-5 height.
The 32-year-old opted out of the last year on his contract with the Portland Trail Blazers, and may now be up for a new multiyear contract. Reportedly, the Los Angeles Clippers are willing to offer Jamal Crawford a four-year contract in the range of $21 to $2 million. However, the Los Angeles Times reported that Jamal Crawford is likely to get a three-year contract worth roughly $15.7 million.
Chauncey Billups and Jamal Crawford will only be able to sign on their contract on 11 July, when NBA lifts its restrictions on signing free agent contracts. 
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