Los Angeles Dodgers Terrible Trade.

A Magic Disaster?

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It doesn't take a money-making wizard like Warren Buffet to see the Los Angeles Dodgers may have clicked the "purchase button" too soon when considering the results, post blockbuster trade. One win in five attempts is hardly what Magic and crew had in mind when taking on the 200 million-plus baggage claim from the Boston Red Sox. Hardly, at all.

Yet, as the Dodgers find themselves slipping in the west and, even worse, watching the Giants gain momentum - when everyone, including me, wrote them off like Melky and his website - the confusion of the trade and non-chemistry following has got the Dodgers closing all doors, literally. The team is holding a closed-door meeting today to discuss what the H-E-double-hockey-stick is happening in Chavez Ravine. 

Maybe it's to ask players to chip in to cover expenses?
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Whatever the reason, the Big Blue's, Big Brass may have just gotten their first lesson in MLB ownership - Don't make stupid purchases. 

A little league prospect could be looked as an upgrade over James Loney so, no huge argument, the idea of landing Adrian Gonzalez was definitely a huge plus. But did the purchase of one item really need to include the complete set? No. Beckett is nothing more than a head-case with a dropping fastball - right over the heart of the plate - and no matter what uniform he has on, the team he plays for get's no real benefit. Yes, the injury to Billingsley does require another pitcher to step into the rotation, making the Beckett deal look credible to the Dodgers front office, but there is another lesson to be swallowed - Pay attention Washington -  One pitcher does not make that big of a difference when it comes to wins and losses. 

The year is not 1895, it's 2012. Pitchers do not chuck every game - this day and age they are lucky to go every-five. So the idea of one pitcher impacting a major portion of a teams record, especially during a limited time like Beckett has with the Dodgers, is not strong decision making. It's not. 

The chemistry of the team down the stretch, mixed with finding ways to win, is what gets playoff spots. As it stands, the Dodgers may be losing that chemistry, thus losing the west, perhaps even a Wild Card spot. And what is to blame? No person from the Dodgers would be ignorant enough to say it - you don't trash the owners new Ferrari when he paid 200-million for it - but the Red Sox hand-me-downs are beginning to split at the seams.

In the technology-age it would be nutty to think that Los Angeles wasn't watching some sort of sports show, somewhere, explaining the issues with any and all Sox players this season. The information was there, and they still took the bait. Signed, sealed and delivered..stamped with a big-red bow. Unknown to the Dodgers, that red bow was actually a red-flag the Red Sox were waiving no more than one-day prior to the trade.
August 27, 2012; Denver, CO, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly on the field during the eighth inning against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field.  The Rockies won 10-0.  Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

Now, while the Giants plant their stake in the West, the Dodgers find themselves behind closed doors, attempting to sew the team's chemistry back to new - And their finger's hurt (Happy Gilmore..See It).

Best wishes! 

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9/4/12   |   This_is_Rick   |   265 respect

Now, all of sudden, the Dodgers are finding ways to win - even though it's against the bottom of the division. It will be an interesting month, for sure.

9/3/12   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

I wasn't sure if the trade would help the Dodgers this year.  Even if the players did well I still liked the Giants position in the standings and their schedule better.  What did concern me was the future.  This is a sign the Dodgers are now willing to throw money around.  Which admittedly doesn't always guarantee a division title but it sure does increase the odds.  Which will make them favorites almost every season.