Los Angeles Kings: To keep Dustin or to not keep him is the question!

3/9/12 in NHL   |   ironhide10   |   31 respect

California’s Los Angeles Kings which is a professional team for National Hockey League have decided to keep a tactic with smart draft choices and big time contracts. However, this tactic will miserably get worthless if they decide to let go of their young captain, Dustin Brown only because the current circumstances have kind of gotten unfriendly. The trading him away option is definitely not wise for the team and loyalty is needed at both ends.
The alibi for keeping Dustin Brown is his unbelievable performance in last night’s match when he scored a hat trick in the match and lead to the team’s 4-0 victory. This proves the worth of Dustin Brown to Kings and sides with the fact that he should be retained by Los Angeles Kings because he is back with his awesomeness.
According to Dustin Brown, he is extremely loyal to Los Angeles Kings and expects to stay with them and keep achieving success for them as well as himself. He mentioned his happiness over the victory and stated that with all these rumors, he should give his best to the team. He emphasized on personal achievement too and explained how good it was to be back in form and to score some goals.
This is a good enough sign to keep the young captain despite the fact that the entire National Hockey League is in a flux of trading away their teams’ captains. Along with Los Angeles Kings, Columbus Blue Jackets and Philadelphia flyers are in the same basket.
The fact that Dustin Brown has scored incredibly might lead to offers emerging in from other teams but this can be ended unless Los Angeles Kings decide to make a first move. This type of an action will also go against the very foundations of this team as well as their norms and culture.
Although right now Los Angeles Kings don’t have that level of success in NHL but who knows that with a player like Dustin Brown, that level is easier to come by then not at all in case he is traded away.
Success is easy for Los Angeles Kings if they take care of these fine details in their strategy. Firstly, the need to realize the importance of their captain and give him a chance. He has proved his worth and its not rational to jump to conclusions already. Second, the need to play free agency and drafting the right way is also something that needs to be taken care of by Los Angeles Kings. If they manage to succeed, Stanley cup is definitely on its way. 
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