Los Angeles Lakers Games To Keep An Eye Out For

Big Games On The Lakers 2012-2013 Schedule

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Blog Photo - Los Angeles Lakers Games To Keep An Eye Out ForOne of the best times in the dog days of summer has arrived. The release of next year's NBA schedule! This year we'll get to see a full basketball season, which means there will be some nights that basketball isn't on, sadly, but teams will be better rested and hopefully get less injuries. 

The Lakers have a fairly easy beginning, with 9 out of 11 games being home games. The end could prove to be a bit tougher with 5 out of 11 being home games, and three back-to-back series, two of which series are away. 

These are some games Lakers fans should get excited about and mark your calendars for:

Oct. 30 - vs. Mavericks (home)
Nov. 2 - vs. Clippers (home)
Nov. 13 - vs. San Antonio (home)
Nov. 16 - vs. Suns (home)
Dec. 7 - vs. Thunder (away)
Dec. 25 - vs. Knicks (home)
Jan. 17 - v. Heat (home)
Feb. 7 - vs. Celtics (away)
Feb. 20 - vs. Celtics (home)

Granted, there will be some big match-ups as the season progresses, and depending on if the Lakers are able to land a certain center from Orlando. These games comprise the bigger winter holidays, like Christmas day, and the first time the Lakers play bigger rivals (Phoenix is going to be a good one!). 
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