Los Angeles Lakers, Reading Between the Lines

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Future Franchise Player Dwight Howard -

What he said: On his free throws, “I don’t want to talk about free throws anymore. I don’t want to talk about free throws. Why are we talking about free throws?"
Reporter: It’s part of the game.
Howard: “There’s other parts of the game too – besides free throws.”
Blog Photo - Los Angeles Lakers, Reading Between the LinesWhat he meant: I don’t want to talk about free throws… because I can’t make them. And not only can’t I make them, but it’s killing my team. They’re called free throws because it’s supposed to hurt the other team when I get to shoot them, but they’re putting me on the line because I’m that bad at making them.
But they’re only one part of the game. We’re bad at other parts of the game too. Why aren’t we talking about how bad we are at defense?
What he said: On getting advice from teammate Steve Nash, one of the best free throw shooters of all time, on how to shoot free throws, “Listen, he was just suggesting some things, but it’s not something that we’ve already talked about or anybody else has suggested. My mind cannot get clouded with everybody telling me how to shoot a free throw. I just have to go up there and shoot it my way and not get caught up in what everybody else is saying, because that’s when I miss.”

What he meant: Nash gave me some pointers, but it’s not like people haven’t been trying to get me to shoot better free throws my whole life. The thing is, I’m terrible at it, I’ve always been terrible at it, but sometimes by some miracle they go in. So I try not to over think it. I mean, what am I gonna do? Shoot so many of them that I get good? Nah, I’m gonna go play Xbox.

What he said: On his team’s performance so far this year, “We have to stop the bleeding – somehow. We can’t let this kill our spirits too much. This is tough on all of us right now. We want to win. We’re sick of losing. We all understand that situations like this don’t last forever.”
What he meant: Nothing I say makes any sense at this point. I’m just saying random things that won’t get me in trouble. The truth is, I don’t really care at this point. If we don’t win I’m just going to either leave or get a new coach next year. I want to go play Xbox.
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