Los Angeles Lakers Will Bring Mike D’Antoni Back Next Year

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Blog Photo - Los Angeles Lakers Will Bring Mike D’Antoni Back Next Year

Much to the chagrin of some Los Angeles Lakers fans, head coach Mike D’Antoni will be back next season.  General Manager, Mitch Kupchak said, “"Yeah, he's back. I think he's done a great job," Kupchak said. "There's been no discussions otherwise.  He's made adjustments. He's been flexible. He's evaluated how he coaches as the season's progressed. He's listened to the players. He's very easy to work with and we think in particular since the meeting the day of the Memphis game, yeah."
The decision to bring back D’Antoni may be for financial sake as much as stability sake.  Firing D’Antoni would be a sure sign of instability within the management, since that would be two firings within the same season.  Furthermore, the Lakers are still paying former head coach Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni is still owed $8 million as well. 
Therefore, the Lakers are going to sit tight and be patient.  “Much has been made of the injuries, and the coaching change [in November] and no training camp, which is certainly a part of it," Kupchak said.  “It takes a while. You're in New York coaching and you see the Lakers once or twice a year, you don't know the personnel. And the injury situation when he got here, Steve Nash had the broken leg. There's just too much going on to really look at it any other way."
Lakers fans may have to come to the grips that Phil Jackson will never return to Los Angeles and that this is the dawn of a new era post-Phil and possibly post-Kobe.
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