Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown hopes to reduce Kobe Bryantís minutes

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If Kobe Bryant is still calling the Los Angeles Lakers his team, and the franchise intends to keep their superstar in top notch form for the long haul, they’ve got to start cutting back on the shooting guard’s minutes to preserve his body.
Former Los Angeles Lakers coach had a similar idea two seasons ago but witnessed a bump in Kobe Bryant’s minutes to average 33.9 minutes per game by the end of the season. Kobe Bryant played so extensively during the 2010-2011 season due to the gap left by Shannon Brown’s departure and the lack of reliable backup shooting guards as replacement.
Los Angeles Lakers’ current coach Mike Brown too thought it wise to keep Kobe Bryant’s minutes down during the 2010-2011 campaign (in which the 34-year-old averaged 30.8 points and 5.7 rebounds per game). Instead they soared to 38.5 minutes per game, even more than Kobe Bryant’s average the season before. Kobe Bryant ranked fourth in the league for the logging maximum minutes last season.
However, Kobe Bryant’s amazing accomplishment was only possible after two offseason visits to Germany to undergo Regenokine surgery. The unusual treatment by Dr. Peter Wehling helped address Kobe Bryant’s ongoing knee issues through a blood manipulation procedure.
During the offseason, Los Angeles Lakers trainer Gary Vitti promoted through the team’s official website that Kobe Bryant will surely go for the same treatment this season as soon as he finds some time during a very busy summer schedule.
Ironically, Kobe Bryant skipped the revolutionary treatment claiming he was a “little busy” in between his gold wining London Olympics performance and skipping town for several weeks to fulfill sponsorship commitments in China.
Kobe Bryant believes that his offseason activities and the Olympics run have kept him in form for the 2012-2013 season. The Los Angeles Lakers play their regular season opener against the Dallas Mavericks on 30th October.
‘Sometimes it’s harder if you have the summer off. You get out of shape,” said Kobe Bryant. “And then it takes more toll on your body to actually get back in shape as opposed to never really being out of shape.”
“You kind of pick right up and you’re already at that level,” Kobe Bryant added to the advantages of playing through the Olympics, “so it’s actually a little less strenuous.”
However, Mike Brown stated Wednesday that he will be diligently working throughout the season to reduce Kobe Bryant’s minutes.
If I can, I’d definitely love to keep his minutes down and not have them up to 38,’ stated Mike Brown. “We feel like we have a deep team this year and hopefully at the end of the day it leads to reduced minutes for him.”
“But I’m sure he’ll tell you he can play 48,” added Mike Brown, “which is probably true if he needed to.”
And the Los Angeles Lakers have got Jodie Meeks this season to help in their contingency plan. Guard Jodie Meeks had 37.1% shots made from the three-pointer line by the end of his third NBA season.
“I think that’s one of the reasons they got me, to keep his minutes down and keep him fresh’ stated Jodie Meeks who signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in August.
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