Los Angeles Lakers look too much dependant on Bryant and Bynum

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Blog Photo - Los Angeles Lakers look too much dependant on Bryant and Bynum
It is surprising to see how quickly Andrew Bynum’s form can fade. Just a couple of days ago Andrew Bynum was an impregnable wall against the Denver Nuggets. Now Andrew Bynum is having a hard time stopping JaVale McGee from scoring.
Undoubtedly, the Denver Nuggets have improved their game but its Los Angeles Lakers lack of form that is helping them to their recent victories. The Los Angeles Lakers could have ended their first-round series on Tuesday night, but the team that once looked unstoppable grew complacent and lethargic in front of their opponents.
Andrew Bynum and his monstrous blocks were missed in Los Angeles Lakers 102-99 defeat in Game 5 on Tuesday night. Kobe Bryant was charismatic as usual but his lone efforts couldn’t save Los Angeles Lakers from another embarrassing defeat.
Kobe Bryant and Ramon Sessions got opportunities to send the game into overtime with 3-pointer attempts, but both of them missed. Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike Brown would have certainly had a couple of harsh words with his star studded team by now.
Mike Brown admitted his team had been lack lustrous in recent games, nonetheless his men would show their 100 percent concentration in the next game. Los Angeles Lakers will attempt to finish the first-round series again on Thursday night.
The last game of series (Game 7) will be played at Staples Center on Saturday. Metta World Peace, who is serving a seven-game suspension from the NBA, will also be eligible to appear for the Los Angeles Lakers in this game.
Nevertheless, the spotlight will be focused on Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum. Kobe Bryant, who scored 44 points in two games against the Denver Nuggets, caught fire in Game 5. The Lakers legend, scored 43 points on 14-of-32 shooting from the field.
Andrew Bynum will have to stand up and fight against JaVale McGee after a disappointing performance in Game 5. JaVale McGee scored 21 points in comparison to Andrew Bynum’s 16 points on Tuesday night. JaVale McGee also had more rebounds that Andrew Bynum.
The Los Angeles Lakers managed to cut Denver Nuggets lead in last moments of the game but the clever plays from the George Karl and his men ousted Mike Brown and Co.
After the game, George Karl acknowledged Kobe Bryant’s superb performance. George Karl also admitted that he was the man who could bring the Los Angeles Lakers back from the mouth of death. George Karl confessed that Kobe Bryant “scares the hell out of me every time we go up against him.”
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