Losing My Insanity

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A good call on the Kings last night gets me back on track. Scoff and a return of only 38 cents on the dollar, but the Kings are a team you just don't lay 2 possessions with, no matter who the opponent is. And if you wanted the Wolves, you just aren't paying attention.



The Madness continues today with another early start. You know the drill. I'll cover it now and come back later in the day to fill in the blanks with The Assoxiation and the NIT tourney games that are on the schedule tonight as well.



COLLEGE HOOPS (7-10 ATS/5-8 SU/8-9 TOTALS yesterday and 31-33/30-27/38-26 so far for the week)



The Madness (7-9 ATS/5-7 SU/8-8 TOTALS yesterday and 9-11/6-9/9-11 so far for the week)



BUTTA (no play so far this week)

Ohio St. (-14) over Iona - It's uncharacteristic for me to lay doubles, and I just won't do it with the NBA. However, the college game is a much different story. I just never had to lay heavy wood during the regular season because there were always other, "safer" options. This game is a mismatch along the lines of last night's Syracuse/Montana game, and the well-known saying applies here: Size does matter. The Buckeyes are bigger, stronger and faster than their opponent tonight. That's as simple as I can make it for you. The Gaels may be able to hang around for awhile early, but State will wear them down and wear them out. As a final note: As you'll see later, this is a call against what my numbers say, but what can I say? The numbers I have for both teams are derived from a much different class of opponent for both teams.




1. Colorado (+1, U127) 69, Illinois 54

2. Pacific (+14, O124 1/2) 74, Miami-Fla. 74

3. Creighton (-3 1/2, U128) 62, Cincinnati 38

4. Duke 60, Albany (+18 1/2, U134) 58

5. Wisconsin (-6, U129) 64, Mississippi 58

6. Kansas St. (-5 1/2, U132 1/2) 70, LaSalle 62

7. Iowa St. (+1, U139 1/2) 73, Notre Dame 66

8. Ohio St. 66, Iona (+14, U145) 59

9. Kansas 72, W. Kentucky (+20 1/2, O133) 65

10. N. Carolina (-4 1/2, U143) 74, Villanova 66

11. Ucla (+2 1/2, U135) 63, Minnesota 53

12. Florida 60, Northwestern St. (+20 1/2, U142) 59

13. Oklahoma (+3, U133 1/2) 66, San Diego St. 66

14. Fla.-Gulf Coast (+13 1/2, O123 1/2) 65, Georgetown 62

15. James Madison (+22, U136 1/2) 72, Indiana 63

16. Temple (+5, U149 1/2) 74, N. Carolina St. 73



There we have it. Another feast for already strained and bloodshot eyeballs. I'll see you in a litte while with the rest of the night's action.

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