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Did anybody out there watch any of the NBA's big All-Star Weekend production? I don't say it as a way to feign superiority, but I didn't. Not even for a second, and the whole weekend, I don't think I even grazed over TNT in my searches for other, more important things going on. There was a pretty doggone good college hoops game on Friday night, and there was plenty of time left over after it was done to switch over to watch St. Louis Blues hockey. Of course, Saturday was wall to wall college action, and Sunday was very much the same.



The point is that all that I did spend my time on this past weekend was with games that mattered. I'm sure many probably were entertained by a rising stars or celebrity game, the skills and dunk contests or even the main event itself. All I needed to know about any of it was what I got when I quickly checked The Book's numbers for last night's game. When I see a posted TOTAL of 296, I know nobody's taking this game seriously, so why should I waste any of my time on it when the kids are out there grinding away trying to get themselves into The Madness?



COLLEGE HOOPS (6-2 ATS/7-1 SU/2-6 TOTALS yesterday)

I don't have anything going in any of tonight's offerings. The closest I got to anything was on the UNDER in the Rutgers/VILLANOVA game. If you've been around for any amount of time, you know that I don't like TOTALS, and I don't want to risk yesterday's good start to the week.



1. KANSAS ST. 71, W. Virginia (+11, O127) 63

2. PITT (-10, U123) 68, Notre Dame 50

3. VILLANOVA (-10 1/2, U131) 68, Rutgers 51



In. Out. Gone! It's nice to have a "quick" day. I'll see you tomorrow!

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