Louisville Football: Cardinals' Bobby Petrino Says This Is His Last Stop

Bobby Petrino: 'This Is My Last Job'

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Bobby Petrino has made a few bold choices (to put it lightly) in his lifetime and has left a lot to be desired  Blog Photo - Louisville Football: Cardinals' Bobby Petrino Says This Is His Last Stopfor those that have followed his career, especially with the Louisville Cardinal fan base.

It may be difficult for anyone to really trust Petrino, at least until he can prove his loyalty. Remember: this is the same man that left U-of-L in 2006 for the Atlanta Falcons, only to flee after 13 NFL regular season games.

But he’s got time to heal the wounds and fix his allegiance to Cardinal nation, all while pledging to incoming recruits that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

“Any time you talk about recruiting, it’s about relationships,” Petrino said during ESPN’s Mike & Mike morning radio show. “It’s not one phone call or conversation. It’s about the overall relationship. I look forward to doing that with all our recruits, getting in the house, sitting down with them.

“They’re going to understand this is my last job. This is an opportunity to come back to a place where I started my head coaching career—a place that I get to finish it. Emotionally, I’m tied to doing that. Contractually, I’m tied to doing that, also.”

No kidding. Petrino’s buyout is an insane $10 million, which means he’s basically obligated to stay with Louisville for at least seven years.

At the age of 52, it’s pretty farfetched to actually believe Petrino will end his career with the Cardinals—especially if history repeats itself. From 2003-06, he led Louisville to a 41-9 record. He then quickly turned Arkansas’ program around, making the Razorbacks one of the SEC’s premier teams in 2010 and ’11.

If Petrino can continue his success in the ACC and help Louisville reach a few more 10-win seasons—while refraining from hiring attractive “development coordinators”—there’s no reason he won’t receive offers from top tier programs down the road.

“Now that I’ve been in it for a long  time, one of the biggest mistakes I ever did was leave this place,” said Petrino. “I want everyone to understand that’s not going to happen again.”

At least he’s saying all the right things. For now.

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