Luck and skill combine to help Carolina Panthers extend their winning streak to seven games

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Carolina Panthers were on their 20 yard line and about to lost their game to the Miami Dolphins and there were only two minutes and 23 seconds left to go. And then the Panthers luck struck once again. They were on a fourth and ten play at which Newton passed to Smith which ended two tackles later in a 19 yard gain. After that, they were on a roll. They scored one after the other and pretty soon the Panthers were the ones who were celebrating. The Panthers ended up winning the match 20-16.
Defensive tackle Dwan Edwards said that the difference was in the skill of this year’s team.
 “Last year’s team would have found a way to lose this game,” he said. “This year’s team found a way to win it.”
Panthers coach Ron Rivera wasn’t happy with the performance of his team during the match and had the opinion that they were degrading themselves by playing with such poor skill. That might have got the Panthers fired up as they found it in themselves to win the match and make their score 8-3 strong. This is the seventh consecutive win that the Panthers have won.
This was also the third time that the Panthers have resurrected themselves during the fourth quarter in a series. The Panthers, which once were 2-14, are now working as a strong team whose performance has greatly improved under the headship of the same coach.
But matches haven’t been all fun and wins for the Panthers. Most of them have ended in fierce contests and victory has come by a close margin. That has always got the fans on the edge, especially this November. These will be remembered as the best times of the franchise’s history as they are going undefeated and their stats and player performance is all going smooth.
Centre Ryan Kalil said that the his team had a knack for kepping it cool under pressure.
“This team does an incredible job of keeping its composure,” he said. “In past years, we’ve been all over the place.”
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