Luis Scola is the Latest Addition for the Phoenix Suns

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Taking a closer look at the Suns bench, Channing Frye, Markieff Morris, Hakim Warrick, and even Sebastian Telfair should make decent contributions, but the Suns could certainly use another player at the 5-spot. Frye is 6”11’, but he plays more like a shooting guard/small forward than a center.

At the end of the day, Luis Scola was an important pickup for the Phoenix Suns as he will be the most reliable player on offense, but the Suns have a long way to go.

The last few teams that have won the NBA championship—the Miami Heat, the Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Boston Celtics—all had at least one superstar or more. Obviously, the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics had their Big Threes and the Lakers had Kobe along with one of the strongest overall frontcourts in NBA history. As for the Mavericks, they seemed to just catch fire at the right time, but they had a hungry group of veterans and Dirk Nowitzki leading the charge.

Phoenix is now rebuilding from the Steve Nash era and Suns fans will have to patient. Contenders are rarely born overnight and it takes a lot to pull that kind of change off.

When Danny Ainge created the Big Three in Boston in 2007 during the NBA Draft, he traded away serious young talent including Jeff Green and Al Jefferson, and the Suns don’t have those kind of young prospects to offer at this time. The additions of Dragic, Beasley, and Scola should make the Suns watchable for the time being, but it will likely be a while before Phoenix returns to the playoffs.
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yes but the Lakers got Nash!