Luol Deng could miss the rest of the playoffs

The Bulls might have to press on without Luol Deng

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Blog Photo - Luol Deng Could Miss the Rest of the Playoffs

Luol Deng recently opened up about his health condition and it seems as though he may not only miss game 3 against the Miami Heat, but the entire playoffs.  After Deng’s spinal tap, he said, “I just didn’t respond well.  I started having severe headaches, was struggling to walk. I started feeling really weak. I started throwing up, (had) constant diarrhea. I couldn’t control my body really. Because of that, I lost a lot of weight. And I still don’t feel right. I was really scared. I’ve never been through anything like that my whole life. It was scary for me, scary for everyone around me.”
The notion that Deng missed games 1-2 due to the flu is just absurd at this point.  Deng was clearly suffering from something far worse than the flu.  And even still, the small forward is trying to do everything that he can to get back on the court.
“I want to play, but I don’t know what I can do,” he said. “I haven’t done anything. It really sucks. I’m weak and I have headaches. When I’m moving around a lot, my headaches increase. I tried to shoot a little bit and I struggled. I couldn’t do it.”
It also seems as though Deng was playing through other injuries during the season as well, proving that he is anything but tissue paper.  “I’ve played with a lot of injuries,” Deng said.  “I’ve gone through the torn ligament in the wrist. I had a fractured thumb earlier this year. I played with it. I went through all that to be able to play. I didn’t think something besides an injury would keep me out. And that’s what makes it really hard. I don’t know what you can do.”
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