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Lythamís bad weather has no effect on Tiger Woods

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Blog Photo - Lythamís bad weather has no effect on Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods was a new person at the Royal Lytham. The former World No. 1 was in jovial mood at the practice session considering Tiger Woods had just stepped off a plane from sunny weather in Florida to a series of bad weather forecasts at Lytham.
Tiger Woods had a big smile etched across his face throughout his practice round at Royal Lytham during which he warmly chatted with the on-course entourage and even spared some time for the media.
It seemed as if Tiger Woods had returned home to an Open Championship. Well, it’s been two years since Tiger Woods has been this affable in a practice session – so is it time for a comeback? We don’t know!
Around a year ago, Tiger Woods sat at Royal St. George’s with an injured Achilles tendon and wounded pride following a stream of misfortunes. Now, the scars of Tiger Woods’ misfortunes are finally fading away with time.
Looks like the time is ripe for a much awaited comeback. Tiger Woods is still seeking a spectacular win in an Open Championship to announce his rebirth.
Tiger Woods’ last performance at Lytham was 11 years ago. Back then Tiger Woods succumbed to a 25th place finish. However, Tiger Woods’ 18 holes yesterday showed how much the star had matured since then.
“Probably the biggest difference is the bunker conditions,” Tiger Woods commented on the course. “A lot of them had standing water in them, so it will be interesting to see how much more water they can take.”
Lytham’s forecast for following few days is quite dismal. Tiger Woods admitted bad weather was the reason behind his early practice session at Lytham.
“That’s why I did a lot of work out here because, come the next few days, you probably won’t be able to get any done,” Tiger Woods said remembering the bad British weather he experienced last summer.
Tiger Woods further admitted that he had a special thing for rough grounds and challenges.
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
“It’s my favorite Major championship,” Tiger Woods confessed. “It’s the only tournament besides the sandbelt courses in Australia that we can actually use the ground as a friend and bounce the ball on to the greens. Modern golf is all up in the air.”
Reminiscing about his past experiences at Lytham, Tiger Woods admitted that playing at the Open brought a huge change in his career and observation.
“I didn’t quite feel I was quite good enough to be a pro until I played the Open at Lytham,” Tiger Woods said. “I had a really good second round of 66, which tied the lowest amateur record for a British Open, and to me that was important. It gave me a good sign that, ‘You know what, I think I can do this’.”
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