MLB 2012 Opening Day Live Thread

Lace Up the Cleats and Grab the Bat, the Boys of Summer Are Back! [MLB 2012 Opening Day Live Thread]

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Hello out there in FanIQ Land!  Spring is in the air.  Listen...can you hear that?  It's the crack of the bat.  That's right folks, it's Opening Day 2012!  Last night the defending Champs beat the Fish.  Kyle Loshe anchored a 4-1 victory for the Cardinals in Miami in the debut of the all new Marlins Park.  Today, 13 teams kick off their 2012 season, all hoping to start off on the right foot.  The Marlins also play again today, but travel to do so.  We've got 7 games in all, so get ready because, as we've done all winter for hockey, we're set to hop aboard the Q Train for stops in 7 cities all across America...ALL ABOARD!

We begin our nationwide tour in Motown, where the new-look Tigers host the newly-managed BoSox.  Are the Sox still one of the teams to beat for the whole thing?  Are the Tigers the runaway favorites for the AL Central crown and potentially a lot more?  It's Jon Lester vs. Justin Verlander.  This could be a great pitcher's duel as well as a ton of offense.  Try a fun drinking game with this.  Every time you see Jim Leyland in the dugout smoking a cigarette, take a shot or chug a beer.  You may be completely trashed by the top of the second...or less.

Boston Red Sox @ Detroit Tigers - 1:05 PM ET - NESN, FSN Detroit

Our next stop is to the Big Apple, and yes, literally.  We're headed to Queens where the Mets host the Braves.  Both teams are looking for better outcomes than 2011.  The Mets stunk for as high as their payroll was.  The Braves had an epic collapse, Yankees '04 ALCS style.  Chipper won't play today, but this begins his farewell tour.  Find out which team will be on top at day's end.  This game features Tommy Hanson vs. Johan Santana, who really hopes this team plays better.  By the way, Mets fans, start praying now that achy-breaky Davey (Wright) doesn't tweak something before his first AB of the year.
Atlanta Braves @ New York Mets - 1:10 PM ET - Sports South, Sports New York

The next stop is a bit redundant.  The Flyers and the Pens play each other twice IN Pittsburgh in the final week of the season, last Sunday and this Saturday.  There's also a good chance they'll play each other in the first round of the playoffs...but that's not good enough.  To make Pittsburgh and Philly sports fans even sicker of each other, the Bucs host the Phillies for opening weekend!  The Bucs are looking to improve even more over last year.  The Phils are trying to start yet another division-winning season.  This game will feature Doc (Roy Halladay) vs. Erik Bedard.  Can the Phillies start off with a bang?  Will Pittsburgh start off well and continue it to 82 wins or more?  Here we go!
Philadelphia Phillies @ Pittsburgh Pirates - 1:35 PM ET - WB17 Philadelphia, ROOT Pittsburgh

For our next stop, we're hightailing it out of the 'Burgh and out to the Windy City.  The Cubbies start year number...okay I won't say it, Cubs fans 104 without a title.  The Nats look to be vastly improved this year.  With Big Z and his big ego out of Chicago, the staff is looking for a new clear-cut ace.  Meanwhile, the Natinals (still never gets old) are looking to keep moving up the ladder.  They'll turn to Stephen Strasburg as the Cubs will counter with Ryan Dempster.  Is Washington the real deal this year?  I'm interested to see what they can do.  The Cubs meanwhile, I believe are in for another long season.
Washington Nationals @ Chicago Cubs - MASN, WGN

Next we're headed back east a little ways to pay a visit to the Mistake by the Lake Cleveland.  The Tribe will host the Blue Jays.  Jose Bautista will begin another season of gunning for 50+ home runs.  Justin Masterson takes the hill for the Indians as the Jays counter with Ricky Romero.  Are the Indians a sleeper in the AL Central?  Is this the year the Blue Jays actually compete with the top 3 in the AL East?  I'm thinking not for the Jays, but the Indians you just don't know.  Aside from the Tigers, the division is wide open.  These 2 teams are hoping for more production from key players...Ubaldo Jimenez, I'm looking at you for the Tribe when you actually pitch!
Toronto Blue Jays @ Cleveland Indians - 3:05 PM ET - RSN, Sports Time Ohio

As mentioned the Marlins go on the road for game 2, and we literally travel right down the road to find them in Cincy.  The Reds just gave Joey Votto a new 12-year deal.  The Marlins have a ton of new faces.  The Reds are looking to get back on top after taking a step back.  Mark Buehrle followed Ozzie down to Miami, he'll get the nod on day number 2 for the Fish.  The Reds will give the opening day ball to Johnny Cueto.  Will Buehrle be able to shut down the loaded Reds offense?  Or will it be another dismal showing for Miami to kickoff 2012?

Miami Marlins @ Cincinnati Reds - 4:10 PM ET - FSN Ohio, ESPN2

Finally, we head out west where the announcers duel is just as good as the pitcher's duel.  It's Vin Scully versus Dick Enberg.  Here's a good drinking game for this one too.  If you have the chance to actually see the Padres broadcast, take a shot or chug a beer every time Dick Enberg utters his famous "oh my!"  This game is at Petco, and Edinson Volquez will start for his new team, hoping to rebound from a very disappointing season for the Reds that actually warranted a trip back to the minors.  On the mound for the Dodgers, who else?  It's Clayton Kershaw.  How many will he strike out on opening day?  I'm putting the over/under at 10.

Los Angeles Dodgers @ San Diego Padres - 7:05 PM ET - FSN Prime Ticket, MLB Network

This is your place to come and talk (or bitch) about the game(s) you're watching today.  If your team isn't playing today, they'll certainly open their season tomorrow.  Which games besides your own team are you most looking forward to for opening day?

I'm Bryan Kramer for The Blitzburgh Pit Stop reminding you that everyone knows the last two words of our National Anthem are...PLAY BALL!

BK over and out
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4/6/12   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

kramer wrote:
I did want to do another thread for today's games, but thanks to not getting home until 12:30 am it never happened.

Such is life....

4/6/12   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

ML31 wrote:
It's not opening day until the Giants take the field.....  And that's early this evening!   Play Ball!!!

I did want to do another thread for today's games, but thanks to not getting home until 12:30 am it never happened.

4/6/12   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

It's not opening day until the Giants take the field.....  And that's early this evening!   Play Ball!!!

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How in the hell is Phil Cousins still in the MLB? He just a blew a really bad call again in the Atlanta/Mets game.

4/5/12   |   Canadianhick   |   2149 respect

David Wright singles to bring in the days first run after 21 scoreless innings.