MLB Contract Perks And Incentives

A Look At Bizarre MLB Contract Perks - Like Roy Oswalt's Bulldozer

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You occasionally hear about MLB players who have some rather insane perks in their contract. I remember that when Kevin Brown signed his massive deal with the Dodgers, one of the perks was that he got the use of a private jet to shuttle his family around.

Well, thanks to a site called Cot's Baseball Contracts - which has spent a lot of time finding contracts of past and present MLB players - you can see a lot more MLB contracts with pretty interesting perks and incentives in them.

Let's take a look at some of the more bizarre ones:

The Mets are required to lease an ocular enhancer machine, an eyesight and hand-eye coordinating device used for batting (2005- present). Needless to say, it hasn't worked so well.

TROY GLAUS — Cardinals agreed to pay $250,000 for his wife’s equestrian training and equipment (2004).

In a negotiated extension, agreed to give the Royals the bat from the July 24, 1983 “Pine Tar” game (1984).

A.J. BURNETT — The Blue Jays provided eight round-trip limousine trips per season for Burnett’s wife between Toronto and their home in Maryland (2006-08).

Red Sox required to provide eight first-class round-trip airline tickets per year between Boston and Japan, a $75,000 Boston housing allowance, use of a Lincoln Town Car (or comparable vehicle) and the uniform No. 18. (2006-present).

MARK McGWIRE — Attendance bonus of $1 per fan for each Busch Stadium fan beyond 2.8 million (1998-2001); $2 per fan beyond 2.8 million (2003-03).

GREG MADDUX —Padres required to provide pitcher a one-year membership at Del Mar Country Club, near San Diego (2007-08).

And here's my personal favorite...

ROY OSWALT — Awarded a bulldozer from the Astros for winning Game 6 of the 2005 National League Championship Series.

Clearly, I'm in the wrong line of work.

Info obtained from [Cot's Baseball Contracts]
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pretty clever ideas for perks....

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In my contract with Fan IQ, I get a lotion rub down from Mr. Met in a thong. And I get to call him Raul

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Does faniq have a porn section that i'm not aware of

2/2/09   |     |   2 respect

Not as much as pudding pops!

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2/2/09   |  

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I'm about to see if I can get myself a bulldozer now.