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Does That Injury Hurt...Really?

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Since the beginning of time, or at least the creation of fantasy sports, the worst fear for any team, stay-at-home-wife, player and coach is the dreaded - yes I will say it - injury. On paper, no injury is greater than the next. To avoid the injury-plague for an entire season, in any sport, usually is the unspoken key to success. Off-the-record, that is not true, entirely. Sore thumbs and ingrown hairs from the 11th-man or splinters in the hind quarters of a bullpen catcher fall a few bread slices short of a catastrophe sandwich when compared to a star player going down, unexpectedly. 

Think of it, ironically: A team can get on the hot-seat quickly, when all they have left is bench-warmers.  
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But, does the dreaded injury to a star player carry the same weight, emotional and mental, in every sport? Is there any reason that one sport may carry less injury burden than another? Are "superstars" more of a necessity depending on the league?

The answer is, yes! 

The obvious blinking light in this sports traffic jam of questioning is extremely simple - There are team sports and there are individual sports. Yes, individual achievements can, and will, help a team succeed. And, in the same breath, "the team" is often congratulated and credited responsible for wins in individual sports. But, twisted logic aside, the individual sports vs. the team sports will always be unequal in terms of injury, especially for the so-called stars.

The trouble is, sports fans, brainwashed by sports analysts and their "nation", have an extreme difficulty differentiating between the two types. Because all sports are such "individual and star driven" leagues, presently, a fan will put the same amount of stock into a Tiger Woods knee injury as they will a Joey Votto knee injury - Not based on the injury alone, but what the star means to the game, the team, and the wins, most importantly. 

This is the mistake. 

Currently, there are three injured players in the MLB that carry the slogan of "star". Votto, Ortiz and Bautista have hogged the headlines the last 24-hours with their unpredictable misfortunes and consequential "healing times." Expectantly so, baseball experts across the diamond-land, with hopes of playing Doogie one more time, have traded in their pencils and cell phones for scrubs and a stethoscope. Which injury has the biggest impact? Which injury is the toughest to shake? What do all these injuries mean for the trade market? Will Dre get upset that I am playing doctor. too? 
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Truthfully, baseball and its' players do not carry the same kind of injury impact as other sports, team or not. None of the injuries, and time missed, for Ortiz, Votto and Bautista will create a whirlpool their teams ship won't be able to navigate, and eventually pass. 

Let's break it down, individually

Jose Bautista - His swing and "yelp!" in last night's game had every viewing fan scratching and holding their wrist. Wrist injury this late in the season can be detrimental to a power-hitter ,like Bautista, but that should only create a glitch in his numbers, not the teams success. His 15-day disabled vacation will not be the trump to the Blue Jays wild-card hopes. The lack of any true and reliant ace, mixed in with the usual Yankees female dog-slap is what should keep the Jays faithful worried. News flash - It's called pitching around him. That will happen, whether Bautista has a healthy wrist, or not. 

Joey Votto - The biggest argument for an immediate impact to a team would be Votto. The line-up for the Reds is not even remotely as dynamic with him out of it, and the Triple-A something-or-other they are bringing in to fill the void will never have the same plate-presence - Unless it's Adam Dunn -reincarnated. But, like Bautista, Votto would, and will, fall victim to the ole' pitching strategy known as " give him nothing." The N.L Central looks to be a close race and pitching will be the winning factor - The team that pitches best, wins - This means coaches will not allow your best hitter to decide the game, at all. Let the other 8 make ESPN. It doesn't matter if Votto is in the line-up or sitting on the bench, he will not be given a chance to impact the game, regardless. 
Jun 27, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto (19) stands in the on deck circle during the eighth inning against the Milwaukee Brewers at Great American Ball Park. The Brewers defeated the Reds 8-4. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

David Ortiz - His injury is more of a cause/effect due to eating too many doughnuts and shouldn't be taken seriously - Much like the Red Sox team. The Achilles injury was not even enough to merit DL time and I am starting an investigation to see of his "days off" coincide with any sort of Dunkin Donut specials the next few days. Pitching and a lack of total team'ness is what the Red Sox real Achilles heal is, not Large Papi's.
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It is always up to the team in "team sports" to carry the club. Especially in the Major League's. Individual, and star players do have an impact, but not as much when compared to other sports. 

There isn't an "i" in team, but there is an "i" in injury.

While we are counting vowels, there are 3 "i's" in......

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