MLB Needs To Break Down And Use Instant Replay

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In the most recent case of "MLB Needs To Use Instant Replay" the Dodgers and the Rockies wasted six minutes of everyone's life by arguing with Colorado's manager Jim Tracy, and then consequently ejecting him over whether Dexter Fowler caught a Shane Victorino hit, or if the ball bounced. 

Aug.6, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA;   Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy (4) argues with umpire Mike Everitt (57) after Colorado Rockies center fielder Dexter Fowler (not pictured) play was ruled a trapped ball on a hit by Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Shane Victorino (not pictured) in the seventh inning at Dodger Stadium. Tracy was ejected from the game. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIREEven with replay, and watching it in slow motion, it's tough to tell if he absolutely caught it or not, which means without instant replay, it's nearly impossible. 

In the video, Vin Scully expertly re-dubs Tracy's "blinkin' fertilizer" to keep the broadcast family friendly, and explains why there should be instant replay:

"We have all this technology and they don't use it because they say it would delay the game. Well, what was that we just saw?"

There's no way that instant replay would slow the game down more, and players and fans would feel more confident that they had seen a fair game. Sure, even with instant replay refs make mistakes, but they much less egregious than the ones umps make, and they take a lot less time to make them.
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8/16/12   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

I'm fine with the current limited use of IR.  Not because of the time thing.  There are easy solutions for that.  (In fact, I think the current use could be sped up considerably) But because I just don't like technology severely infiltrating a game that doesn't, or shouldn't really need it.

8/13/12   |   SusanVette   |   9480 respect

It truly IS time!