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Who's hot, and who's not? [MLB Power Rankings]

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Jun 9, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; St. Louis Cardinals player Matt Holliday (left) is congratulated by teammates in the dugout after hitting a grand slam against the Cincinnati Reds during the tenth inning at Great American Ball Park. The Cardinals won 11-4. Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY SportsThe Indians are suddenly the coldest team in baseball, and the Cardinals will retain their top spot for at least one more week.

The Royals have the longest current winning streak in MLB, after reeling off 5 straight. Is this the beginning of a KC run towards the top of the AL Central? Or will they fall off again?

Interesting tidbit: The Braves lead the 2nd place Nationals by 7.5 games in the NL East. In the NL West, things are a lot closer, with all five teams still within 7.5 games of each other, including the top 3 teams all within 1.5 games.

Without further ado, here are your MLB Power Rankings for week 10:

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 11. St. Louis Cardinals (41-22) [Last week: 1] - The Cardinals have the 2nd best team ERA in MLB and they've scored the 3rd most runs in all of baseball. This is definitely an extremely good team right now, and they're playing up to even the highest of expectations.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 12. Atlanta Braves (39-24) [LW: 4] - As I said above, the Braves are a whopping 7.5 games ahead of the next team in the AL East. With Jason Heyward back, they could get even better. As long as they don't pull what they did in 2011, they'll run away with the division.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 13. Boston Red Sox (39-25) [LW: 5] - Jose Iglesias has been a fascinating study so far this season. Obviously his defense is phenomenal, but his .446/.494/.581 pace will slow down sooner rather than later. The real question: How bad will his regression be?

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 14. Texas Rangers (37-25) [LW: 2] - The Rangers aren't quite the offensive juggernaut that they've been over the past few years, but their pitching has been outstanding. Will that fall off as the Texas heat wears down their pitching staff?

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 15. New York Yankees (37-26) [LW: 9] - The Yankees are now 6-0 against former Cy Young winners, and they're getting healthier by the day. This was supposed to be a down year for the Yankees, but here they are, still competing as always.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 16. Pittsburgh Pirates (37-26) [LW: 6] - Starling Marte and Pedro Alvarez have ensured that Andrew McCutchen doesn't have to carry the team quite as much this year, but it's only a matter of time before Jeff Locke and Francisco Liriano come back to earth.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 17. Cincinnati Reds (37-26) [LW: 3] - Another Johnny Cueto injury has to have Reds fans pretty frustrated, but his replacements have been pretty solid in his place, and the Reds are still playoff competitors.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 18. Oakland Athletics (38-27) [LW: 8] - The Athletics are a damn good team, but they'll probably have to rely on the Wild Card to get into the playoffs, thanks to the stranglehold the Rangers have on the top spot in the AL West.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 19. Detroit Tigers (35-26) [LW: 11] - The Tigers have won 4 in a row, but where will they go from here? Justin Verlander is having a nice season, but he'll improve. On the flip side, Jhonny Peralta can't possibly maintain his .338 average, can he?

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 110. Arizona Diamondbacks (35-28) [LW: 7] - With a .556 winning percentage, the Diamondbacks have the lowest winning percentage of any division leader at this point in the season. The NL West is the tightest division in baseball right now.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 111. Baltimore Orioles (35-28) [LW: 10] - The Orioles are still doing well, thanks to their outstanding offense. Their pitching is among the worst in baseball, so how long can they keep this up before falling off?

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 112. Tampa Bay Rays (34-28) [LW: 12] - Evan Longoria is having an All-Star caliber season, but the Rays' pitching staff is not performing as well as we're used to seeing. Perhaps when David Price is healthy, that could change.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 113. San Francisco Giants (33-29) [LW: 14] - The Giants have a -10 run differential, suggesting that their positive W/L record might be slightly in peril if they don't step it up a bit. They'll definitely need more from their former aces Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 114. Colorado Rockies (34-30)  [LW: 15] - The Rockies are starting to level out after an incredibly hot start. Can they make another run and head back toward the top of the rankings? Well, with their offense, it's possible.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 115. Washington Nationals (31-31) [LW: 16] - The Nationals are ok this year, but nothing special. I hate to harp on it, but this is why you take advantage of it when you have a playoff run, and you DON'T shut down your best starting pitcher. You may not get another chance.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 116. Philadelphia Phillies (31-33) [LW: 17] - Honestly, things are kind of ugly for the Phillies right now. People have high expectations for this team on a yearly basis, and they're just not up to snuff. Will GM Ruben Amaro try to make a move? Or is it rebuilding time?

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 117. Kansas City Royals (28-32) [LW: 23] - With 5 wins in a row, the Royals are pretty hot... but still not a great team. Is it just a fluke, or are they heading towards a run? They have talent. If it comes together, who knows what they're capable of?

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 118. Cleveland Indians  (30-32) [LW: 13] - Seven straight wins drops the Indians down a few slots in the rankings, and made things a lot harder for them in the AL Central. On June 1, they were a half game behind the Tigers. Now, it's five and a half.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 119. San Diego Padres (29-34) [LW: 18] - Everth Cabrera is having quite the year so far, and is leading all of baseball with 29 stolen bases. Young prospect Jedd Gyorko has also been heating up lately, hitting the ball extremely well.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 120. Minnesota Twins (27-33) [LW: 19] - Prospect Miguel Sano has been promoted to double-A, already prompting people to wonder when we'll get a chance to see him play in the bigs. That should give you an idea of how the Twins' season is going.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 121. Chicago White Sox (27-34) [LW: 20] - Adam Dunn is always an entertaining study. He is tied for 11th with 14 home runs... and then he's only batting .165 at the moment. Only BJ Upton and recently demoted Ike Davis have a worse average among qualified hitters.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 122. Los Angeles Dodgers (27-35) [LW: 26] -  The Dodgers are creeping up a bit, and the good news is that they're in the NL West, so a  comeback isn't out of the question. At least they've still got Clayton Kershaw, the best pitcher in baseball.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 123. Toronto Blue Jays (27-35) [LW: 27] - The last place Blue Jays are looking like the only team in the AL East without a realistic chance of winning the division. They trail 4th place Tampa Bay by 7 games. That's just awful.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 124. Los Angeles Angels (27-36) [LW: 21] - On a team with Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols, it's a bit weird to see Howie Kendrick leading the team in batting average. Hamilton has been awful, currently hitting .212, almost 100 points below his his average in Texas.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 125. Seattle Mariners (27-37) [LW: 22] - Kendrys Morales and Kyle Seager are hitting pretty well, and the Hisashi Iwakuma/Felix Hernandez 1-2 punch is still great. But that's all I can really say nice about this team.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 126. Chicago Cubs (25-35) [LW: 25] - Starlin Castro is hitting 47 points below his career average, and the Cubs (as well as my fantasy team) would like to see that improve. That could go a long way in making their offense less impotent.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 127. Milwaukee Brewers (25-37) [LW: 28] - Carlos Gomez is currently leading all of MLB in WAR with 4.0, and then Jean Segura and Norichika Aoki are 9th and 11th in the NL, respectively. Unfortunately, their pitching (3rd worst ERA in baseball) is the reason they're down here.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 128. New York Mets (23-35) [LW: 24] - The Ike Davis Era is over for the moment, as he has been demoted for the time being. Unfortunately, he's just one of the many problems that this team has. They need more than just David Wright and Matt Harvey.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 129. Houston Astros (22-42) [LW: 29] - I'm really running out of ways to describe how awful the Astros are. They've lost 4 in a row, and their run differential is a league-worst -98. Any other year, they'd be 30th. But, there are still the...

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 130. Miami Marlins (18-44) [LW: 30] - The lowly Marlins have won two games in a row, and the Astros have lost 4 straight. Yet the Marlins are still 3 games behind the 'Stros. Yup. That's how bad they are.

If you love these rankings, you're probably a smart baseball fan. If you hate them, let me know why, in the comments below.
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6/10/13   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Wow, Puig. You're right, that's a little embarrassing. Completely slipped my mind, which is shocking because he's on my roommate's fantasy team and he won't shut up about him.

But yeah, that's obviously a guy that deserves some mention.

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My supplemental thoughts:

Boston: Iglesais's BABIP is .508 this year in 74 ABs (83 PAs). That's insane.

San Francisco: Lincecum's struggles aren't new unfortunately, but does anyone know what's wrong with Cain? The stats shown that his walk rate is up a little (but not terribly so), but his home run rate has spiked and his strand rate as much worse, down almost 15% from last year. I don't know if it's a mechanical thing, since being on the East Coast means I don't get to really watch him pitch (not that I would know what I'm looking at anyway).

Washington: One thing people forget about Strasburg last year is that he really wasn't at his best by shutdown time. He looked a little gassed, understandable when trying to stretch out after TJ surgery. He was their 3rd best starter at best at the time, and might have been even worse by October. I know that won't convince you Pat, which is fine, but let's not assume he'd would've been lights out in October had he been allowed to continue.

Philadelphia: Amaro said just today he wasn't rebuilding. It sounded ridiculous.

Kansas City: They played Minnesota and Houston last week, so it could've been just playing teams worse than them.

Minnesota: Between Sano and Byron Buxton, the Twins are acquiring some top-shelf prospects. Worth watching the next few years.

Chicago White Sox: Dunn has always and will always be a Three True Outcomes guy. However, his walk rate is down, his strike out rate is as high as ever, and the isolated power is dropping. His BABIP is a ridiculously low .175 (it was .240 in his disastrous 2011), so maybe he has a bit of bounceback at some point. Overall though, Dunn shows yet again that young players with old player skills get old and useless very quickly.

LA Dodgers: Really Pat, you didn't mention Puig? Are you trying out for a job at Slate?