MLB Power Rankings Week 5

The Rangers are movin' on up [MLB Power Rankings]

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May 5, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre (29) bats against the Boston Red Sox at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The Rangers won 4-3. Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY SportsThe Texas Rangers just swept the Red Sox, last week's #1 team, so they're moving up to the top spot to replace the Red Sox.

The Cardinals took one of the biggest jumps this week, after beating up on their division rivals on their way to a 6-game winning streak. The San Francisco Giants have also put together a nice streak, winning 6 straight and getting a nice boost in the rankings.

On the flip side, the Brewers drop a bit with their 5-game losing streak, and the Houston Astros are back where they belong. On the bottom of the list.

Without further ado, here are your MLB Power Rankings for week 5:

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 11. Texas Rangers (20-11) [Last week: 2] - Coming off their sweep of the Red Sox, they're now tied for the best record in baseball. Their offense is electric, and their pitching has allowed the fewest runs in baseball.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 12. Boston Red Sox (20-11) [LW: 1] - The Sox always have trouble in Arlington, and this weekend was certainly no different. Still, they've dominated everyone else so far, and their rotation is still looking pretty good.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 13. Detroit Tigers (19-11) [LW: 6] - The Tigers' rotation might be the best in all of baseball once they do something about their Rick Porcello problem. Throw Drew Smyly in there instead, and their rotation is untouchable.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 14. St. Louis Cardinals (20-11) [LW: 12] - The Cardinals just reeled off six straight wins, and now they're tied with the Rangers and Red Sox for the best record in baseball. Jason Motte is out for the season, but with Edward Mujica, they haven't skipped a beat.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 15. San Francisco Giants (19-12) [LW: 14] - Another team with 6 straight wins, the Giants are starting to look like the team that won the World Series last year. Buster Posey is really starting to get hot, and they're coming together nicely.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 16. Atlanta Braves (18-12) [LW: 3] - The Braves are still a good team, but they've cooled off considerably since their torrid start. They've now lost 7 of their last 10 games, and have really come back down to earth.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 17. New York Yankees (18-12) [LW: 5] - The Yankees keep winning and keep moving up. Once their injury problems clear up, they might have a problem with too many guys and not enough spots in their lineup.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 18. Colorado Rockies (18-13)  [LW: 4] - Highly touted prospect Nolan Arenado has come up to the big leagues and performed admirably so far, posting a .323 average so far in 31 at bats. Add that to Carlos Gonzalez, Michael Cuddyer, and Troy Tulowitzki, and that's a nice nucleus.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 19. Kansas City Royals (17-10) [LW: 11] - The Royals have won 4 straight, and they're somehow leading the AL Central, despite the fact that Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas still aren't really hitting. How long can/will that continue?

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 110. Baltimore Orioles (19-13) [LW: 10] - The Orioles aren't living the charmed life they they enjoyed in 2012, but they're still doing pretty well. If Matt Wieters can step it up, they'll have quite a nice lineup.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 111. Cincinnati Reds (18-14) [LW: 13] - Once Johnny Cueto comes back, the Reds will have a decision to make on Tony Cingrani. I'm betting they keep him, since honestly he's just pitching too well to send down.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 112. Oakland Athletics (18-14) [LW: 9] - Is this real life? Old man Bartolo Colon is 3-1 with a 3.62 ERA. A huge reason for his success is that he has only walked one batter in 37+ innings, against 23 strikeouts.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 113. Pittsburgh Pirates (17-14) [LW: 8] - Are the Pirates for real this year? Or are they just teasing their fans with moderate early success? AJ Burnett is quietly having another solid season, and Jason Grilli has been one of the better closers in baseball.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 114. Arizona Diamondbacks (16-15) [LW: 7] - Their pitching staff is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Patrick Corbin, Trevor Cahill and Wade Miley have been outstanding. Ian Kennedy and Brandon McCarthy, on the other hand... atrocious.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 115. Washington Nationals (17-15) [LW: 15] - Gio Gonzalez is struggling, and Stephen Strasburg isn't quite what the Nats were expecting. Unless that changes, they won't have a chance in the very competitive NL East.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 116. Cleveland Indians  (14-14) [LW: 22] - Catcher Carlos Santana has been incredible so far, hitting .379 and rocking an extremely impressive 1.160 OPS. Michael Bourn's finger is still a problem, but he should be able to return soon.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 117. Milwaukee Brewers (14-16) [LW: 16] - The Brew Crew are on a 5-game losing streak, but Carlos Gomez has been great so far. Aramis Ramirez returned just in time, hopefully he can help them put some wins together.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 118. Minnesota Twins (13-14) [LW: 17] - The Twins have lost 5 of their last 6 games, all against division opponents, and they're gradually falling further back in the AL Central. The problem is their offense, the 4th worst in all of baseball.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 119. Tampa Bay Rays (14-16) [LW: 20] - Evan Longoria is having a great year so far, and Matt Moore is an early Cy Young candidate. I know I've probably mentioned David Price's struggles every week, but it's worth mentioning. He's struggling.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 120. Los Angeles Dodgers (13-17) [LW: 18] - Josh Beckett usually has great season in odd-numbered years, but it looks like this might be the year that trend finally ends. He's struggling so far, with only 2 quality starts out of 6.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 121. Philadelphia Phillies (14-18) [LW: 21] - Roy Halladay's shoulder might have some issues, and there are rumors that they'd be willing to trade Cliff Lee, assuming they continue to fall out of contention. This team has gotten old quickly.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 122. Seattle Mariners (15-18) [LW: 24] - Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma have been incredible, but the Mariners don't have any other starters with an ERA under 6. There's an enormous gap between those two and the rest of the M's pitchers.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 123. New York Mets (12-16) [LW: 19] - John Buck somehow has the 2nd most home runs in all of baseball, trailing only Justin Upton. But let's be serious, there's no way that's going to continue. He'll be lucky to hit 15 over the whole season.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 124. Chicago White Sox (12-17) [LW: 23] - Chris Sale is starting to look good, and aside from the Gavin Floyd injury, their rotation is looking strong with Sale, Jake Peavy, Jose Quintana, and Dylan Axelrod all pitching pretty well.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 125. San Diego Padres (13-18) [LW: 26] - The Padres have actually won 7 of their last 10, and are actually starting to show signs of a bright future, with guys like Jedd Gyorko, Everth Cabrera, and Yonder Alonso hitting pretty well.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 126. Los Angeles Angels (11-20) [LW: 25] - The Angels continue to struggle, and it's looking like Mike Scioscia's days might be numbered. It's hard to believe a team with Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Mike Trumbo, and Josh Hamilton could be a middle-of-the-pack offense.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 127. Toronto Blue Jays (11-21) [LW: 27] - Words can't express how disappointing the Blue Jays have been thus far. Their run differential is the 2nd worst in baseball, and they're 2-8 in their last 10 games. There's nothing good to say about this team right now.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 128. Chicago Cubs (11-20) [LW: 28] - The Cubs are coming off 4 losses in a row, but Travis Wood and Carlos Villanueva have actually been pitching pretty well. I've said this before, but Theo Epstein is taking this team in the right direction, even though it may take a while.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 129. Miami Marlins (10-22) [LW: 30] - The Marlins are still terrible, but the Astros' utter ineptitude has spared Miami from another week in the bottom slot in the rankings. By the way, someone named Adeiny Hechavarria had 7 RBI yesterday. Who? Yeah, exactly.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 130. Houston Astros (8-24) [LW: 29] - With 6 losses in a row and an MLB-worst run differential of -75, it looks like the Astros might have taken over the #30 spot for good this time. Good lord, this team is awful.

If you love these rankings, you're probably a smart baseball fans. If you hate them, let me know why, in the comments below.
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5/6/13   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Generally your rankings are fine. Here are my thoughts on some of the teams. Think of this as like the appendix.

St. Louis: Before Mujica though, there was the Mitchell Boggs debacle. So maybe they did skip a beat or two.

Cincinnati: The obvious choice is to either demote Leake or move him to the bullpen. Cingrani is probably going to be on some sort of innings limit though.

Washington: Strasburg is still pretty good for "struggling" (if he can just be more efficient and get deeper into games). The offense is still the big problem right now for the Nats.

Minnesota: If the offense has fallen apart, it could get ugly. That rotation still isn't very good. Kevin Correia is due for regression.

Philadelphia: Those that pay attention saw this coming. Sad what's happened to Halladay though.

Mets: I'm glad someone has realized how out of whack John Buck has been this year.

San Diego: That lineup is what made me want to call them a sleeper before the season. Then I saw that rotation...

Miami: Hechavarria was part of the big trade with Toronto. He's an all-glove, little bat shortstop, that 7 RBI game notwithstanding.

5/6/13   |   Jess   |   35129 respect

Yea besides Felix and Kuma our pitching is awful. Fortunately it looks like we're getting some run support...hopefully they figure it out soon. Seems the M's are always missing just too many pieces.