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The more things change, the more they stay the same [MLB Power Rankings]

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Feb 27, 2013; Glendale, AZ, USA; Texas Rangers shortstop Jurickson Profar (13) swings at a pitch during the fifth inning against the Chicago White Sox at Camelback Ranch. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY SportsThe Rangers are still on top of the league, and the Red Sox and Yankees are looking pretty solid again. There's nothing too surprising about any of that.

On the other hand, the Indians and Pirates have cracked the top 10, and both LA teams are floundering.

Some exciting news for everyone except Ian Kinsler: We might be seeing the best prospect in baseball for the next couple weeks. Keep your eyes peeled whenever the Rangers are playing.

Without further ado, here are your MLB Power Rankings for week 6:

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 11. Texas Rangers (29-15) [Last week: 1] - The Rangers are still playing well, and the newest buzz is that we'll get a chance to see uber-prospect Jurickson Profar, who will step in while Ian Kinsler is on the DL.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 12. St. Louis Cardinals (28-15) [LW: 2] - Shelby Miller's season hasn't been without a couple hiccups, but overall he's looking spectacular so far. The Cardinals' +51 run differential trails only the Rangers in all of baseball.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 13. New York Yankees (27-16) [LW: 4] - The Yankees have been playing extremely well, and they've now won 7 of their last 10. Hiroki Kuroda is having another excellent year in the Bronx, proving to be a bargain for them once again.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 14. Boston Red Sox (27-17) [LW: 5] - The Red Sox are sitting on a 5-game winning streak, the longest active winning streak in MLB. I'm still not completely sold on this team, but they're showing signs that they could be very good.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 15. Cleveland Indians  (25-16) [LW: 11] - The Indians are heating up, with a four game winning streak. Carlos Santana, on the other hand, has cooled off a bit, as was expected. He's still having a great season, just not quite as incredible as a couple weeks ago.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 16. Atlanta Braves (25-19) [LW: 7] - Jason Heyward is back, and he could provide a nice boost to their offense. If he can play well, it might make up for the complete lack of production from BJ Upton, whose hitting has been the polar opposite of his brother Justin.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 17. Cincinnati Reds (26-18) [LW: 9] - Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and Shin-Soo Choo are all hitting the cover off the ball, and Jay Bruce is also hitting his stride as well. In other news, Johnny Cueto is coming back from the DL.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 18. Detroit Tigers (23-19) [LW: 6] - Another week, and another epic story of Miguel Cabrera's awesomeness. His latest: Yesterday's 4-for-4 performance with 3 home runs. He walked in his only other plate appearance, and is now hitting .387.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 19. San Francisco Giants (24-20) [LW: 3] - The Giants fall off a bit this week, thanks to their three game losing streak, and their -5 run differential. The (somewhat) good news is that they have the best record among all teams with negative run differentials.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 110. Pittsburgh Pirates (26-18) [LW: 12] - The Pirates are hot right now, winning 8 of their last 10 games. Starling Marte is having an incredible season thus far. In other news, closer Jason Grilli has been flat out ridiculous.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 111. Colorado Rockies (24-20)  [LW: 10] - Their pitching is inconsistent, but the Rockies' lineup is one of the best in the National League, with pretty solid hitting from top to bottom. They're currently on a 3 game winning streak.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 112. Arizona Diamondbacks (25-19) [LW: 13] - If you aren't yet acknowledging Paul Goldschmidt's greatness, you're wrong. The Diamondbacks' first baseman is absolutely raking, and is developing into one of the best hitters in baseball.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 113. Baltimore Orioles (23-20) [LW: 8] - Since last week's rankings, the Orioles reeled off 5 straight losses. They're also one of the few teams with a better record on the road (14-9) than at home (9-11). Also, Manny Machado is awesome.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 114. Washington Nationals (23-21) [LW: 14] - The Nationals are still hovering a bit lower than where people projected them before the season, but it's likely that they'll improve and compete for the NL East.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 115. Tampa Bay Rays (23-20) [LW: 16] - Matt Moore is off to a hot start, becoming the youngest pitcher to start the season 8-0 since some guy named Babe Ruth did it. I'm guessing that's one of the only times we'll hear those two pitchers compared to each other.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 116. Oakland Athletics (23-22) [LW: 17] - The A's seem to be just a series of random guys who get hot for a while, and later cool off. Hot right now: Josh Donaldson. The A's third baseman is now hitting .317 with 6 HR and 27 RBI.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 117. Kansas City Royals (20-20) [LW: 15] - James Shields, Jeremy Guthrie, and Ervin Santana have all had great starts, and the Royals have allowed the 4th fewest runs in baseball. Unfortunately, their offense isn't anything special.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 118. Philadelphia Phillies (21-23) [LW: 20] - Are the Phillies slowly moving their way up the rankings? Yes and no. They've been slowly moving up, but I'm not sure how much higher they can go, unless they somehow get their offense going.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 119. San Diego Padres (20-23) [LW: 24] - Wait, the Padres made it out of the 20s? It's partially because they're coming dangerously close to being a .500 team, and partially because there are a lot of teams falling apart right now.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 120. Seattle Mariners (20-24) [LW: 19] - They were doing ok over the past couple weeks, but getting swept by the Indians was their version of one step forward and two steps back. Interesting fact: Their only .300 hitter is Carlos Peguero, who has 6 at bats.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 121. Chicago White Sox (19-23) [LW: 22] - Alex Rios is carrying the offense so far, and Chris Sale is starting to look just like last year, when he was a Cy Young candidate. They'll need a little more if they want to become relevant, however.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 122. Minnesota Twins (18-22) [LW: 18] - After being swept by the Red Sox, they've now lost five straight games. This isn't a very talented team overall, despite the fact that Joe Mauer is playing as well as ever.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 123. New York Mets (17-24) [LW: 25] - Matt Harvey continues to blow everyone's minds, and the rest of the team continues to collectively let him down. Aside from Harvey and closer Bobby Parnell, their team ERA is over 5.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 124. Chicago Cubs (18-25) [LW: 27] - Their pitching is average, and their offense is one of the worst in baseball. That's a bad combination, and that's why the Cubs will continue to be closer to the bottom than the top.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 125. Milwaukee Brewers (17-25) [LW: 21] - Kyle Lohse was a solid last-minute free agent pickup, and Jean Segura has been absolutely incredible. Unfortunately, Lohse is their only good pitcher, for all intents and purposes.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 126. Los Angeles Dodgers (17-25) [LW: 23] - The Dodgers seem determined to prove that money can't buy wins. They're the highest paid team in MLB history at around $220M but on the field, they're awful.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 127. Toronto Blue Jays (17-26) [LW: 26] - The Blue Jays got a bunch of players from the Marlins who were supposed to be good. As it turns out, the Blue Jays are about as good as the Marlins were last year. Shocking, right?

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 128. Los Angeles Angels (17-27) [LW: 28] - Another team with high expectations, the Angels are surprisingly bad. It certainly doesn't help that they've given up the second most runs in all of baseball.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 129. Miami Marlins (12-32) [LW: 29] - If a baseball team is terrible, but no one shows up to watch their games, are they still bad? The answer is yes, they are. Even though no one in South Florida knows (or cares).

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 130. Houston Astros (12-32) [LW: 30] - The Astros supposedly have a great farm system. I sure hope so, because their major league team is about as bad as it gets.

If you love these rankings, you're probably a smart baseball fan. If you hate them, let me know why, in the comments below.
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5/20/13   |   orangemen90   |   5785 respect

Marlins are trying harder.. only one more rung to go...

5/20/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

I know that comment below was directed at me, so I may as well address this and shut him up.  Yes, I did hate the Hanrahan trade, and so far it looks like I was wrong about Grilli.  Here's what you don't understand, Eric...I WANT to be proven wrong when I throw my team under the bus, but 20 straight years of losing doesn't go away overnight!  The only way to shut me up (as well as the entire Pirates fan base) is to get 82+ wins this year, no exceptions!  The biggest problem with the Hanrahan trade was that you basically gave him away to the Red Sox so that you didn't have to pay both he and Liriano.  Meanwhile, you traded him before Liriano even passed a physical, which he did in fact fail, but they didn't bother mentioning that till nearly a month AFTER the Hammer was traded to Boston.  That does not help matters with a fan base that already wants your head on a silver platter.

Also, the signing of Melancon was very suspect given his track record.  The fact that he's been a very solid set-up man leads me to believe Ray Searage is one of the best pitching coaches around with the ability to get the most out of any pitcher.  He has never pitched this well before, it's not even close.

5/20/13   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

My supplemental thoughts:

St. Louis: That rotation is ridiculous already, and there's still more top prospects in the pipeline. I thought it would take a year for it to all jell once Carpenter went down, but it looks like it already happened.

Detroit: According to Hardball Talk, some people (admittedly random people on Twitter) are saying Cabrera's start this year means anyone who argued Trout should've been MVP last year were wrong. Obviously, it doesn't work like that and that argument is dumb. This just in anti-stat people, the "stat nerds" got over it.

Pittsburgh: I had a conversation with a certain Pittsburgh fan in the offseason, a fan who hated the Hanrahan trade and thought Grill wasn't a "proven closer." I wonder what he thinks now.

Baltimore: The starting rotation is just in shambles right now after Chris Tillman, with everyone either hurt (Gonzalez, Chen), ineffective (Hammel), or Freddy Garcia. The bullpen was shaky this past week too. Worst week in Birdland in some time.

NY Mets: They are still behind the 8 ball from the Wilpons financial disaster. Thus, the lack of talent behind the stars Harvey and Wright.

Houston: When Jim Crane took ownership, the minor league system was a disaster. While they tore down the big league roster, building up the minors was the top priority. Everything the Astros have done in the grand scheme of things has been planned.

5/20/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Winning 3 of 4 against the Brewers last week was huge for the Pirates.  I'm still on pins and needles with this team, but that could prove to be a turning point and a tremendous confidence boost.

5/20/13   |   Jess   |   35096 respect

The M's haven't been swept (yet) - but they did lose the series. They're in the 4th inning of the 4th game right now, down 5-4