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4/28/12 in MLB   |   This_is_Rick   |   265 respect

There is a first time for everything. To this, I say hello and welcome to what is my genius of the written barrage of opinions and facts. There will be lies, there will be truth, there will be blood - if I cut my finger while writing one of these things. The 2012 sports fan is no idiot. If your goal is to make it to the show and the fastball sizzles the radar gun at 80 m.p.h., you may want to switch the dream to second base.  But you already knew that. However, if your goal is to kill it around the water cooler with insight and seasoned knowledge, you will want to stick with Rick (3rd person ref. #1). Most of the experts rely on scouts, coaches and players for their scoop. Rubbish! All you need is a remote control, beer of choice and a comfy couch, pants optional. Ready, set, PREDICT!

1.) Analysts will spend another 48 hrs fixing Albert - Don't have so much bend in your hips Albert. Your elbow positioning looks funny Albert. Is the water in Orange County different from that in St. Louis? Is he stressed that it takes 20 minutes to find parking spots at the grocery store? Does his steroid guy not know the back streets of Anaheim? Whoops! Regardless of the conundrum, the so-called-analysts on the ole' boob tube will spend at least another 48 hrs of air time clogging our brains with what they think is wrong with Albert Pujols. Ready? Wait for it. And go. Nothing is wrong. Baseball is a difficult game and hitting takes timing and skill that can sometimes be a little off. This isn't soccer. Let's reconvene in July and see who's boss. It won't be Tony Danza or John Kruk. 

2.) Don't bet on the Dodgers - Things look to be on the rise out here in La-La land. Brad and Angie have found another tax break, marriage, and on Monday, the 2 billion dollar sale of the Dodgers will be finalized, giving sole control to Magic Johnson and his group - just like the T.G.I.F Friday's down by the LAX airport.  The team is in Blog Photo - MLB Predictionsfirst place (14-6) and with no dysfunction from the front office, it could be World Series for the boys in blue. Nope! I went to a game last week and the only impressive thing I saw was Tommy Lasorda's suit. While they certainly can win the weak N.L West, the fact they must play the other divisions and Clayton Kershaw can't humanly pitch every game, I would not hold my breath. Purple only works for Northwestern, or Jamie McCourt - when you have 131 million in your piggy bank you can wear what you please. 

3.) Teams will regret buying the older models - I knew five people when Jamie Moyer made his major league debut and I can remember mimicking Andy Pettitte's pick-off move when I was a sophomore in high school. Old people lasting in the working world is always a great story. I think it's wonderful what Betty White is doing, and I respect what Andy and Jamie are accomplishing. But don't buy stock in black socks and white tank tops just yet. This is not a greeter at Wal-Mart, we are talking pitching in the big leagues, holmes! Andy has already been pulled from his next start because of cold weather and unless there are mini rocket sleds for the balls in the Denver humidor, Jamie may have to sit a few out too. Those youngsters have all the energy! Now, go get pappy his reading glasses so he can read some of this Rick!

Enjoy your pancakes and have a great weekend!

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4/29/12   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

1) When Albert turns it on, it's going to be vicious. My prediction, though they're 9.5 games back at the moment (whoa,) the Angels will be within striking distance of the Rangers by the end of August. I still believe the Angels have an edge on the Rangers in terms of pitching. 

2) For what it's worth, Kemp finally has something to show for his outstanding play. He's been putting up MVP numbers in a very sorry place the past couple seasons. 

3) Generally speaking, you're right. Youth has a serious edge when it comes to pitching. Take the 2010 San Francisco Giants, or this years Nationals thus far as prime examples. But then again, with young arms come certain question marks assuming they have no more than a season or two under their belt. Michael god damn Pineda.