MLB Union leader says performance enhancing drug penalties could be increased

Could we see increased penalties for PEDs in MLB?

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February 21, 2013; Maryvale, AZ, USA; Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun (8) runs during outfield drills during spring training at Maryvale Baseball Park. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY SportsIn a rather surprising statement, the MLB Player's Association leader Michael Weiner says that players would support increased punishment for performance enhancing drug use.

This is in stark contrast to the union's normal stance, which has historically been anti-testing and anti-suspensions.

This time, it looks like players are tired of the cheaters, and want to take a stand against them.

Weiner says that players are willing to give a few concessions, if it means it'll clean up the game:

"On one hand, we do have the toughest penalties of any team sport. Fifty games is more than you’d see for the first time in football and hockey and basketball. More and more players are vocal about the desire to have a clean game. More and more players are vocal about being willing to accept sacrifices in terms of testing in order to make sure we have a clean game."

Exactly what is it that prompted this change, in a league that took years for the players to agree to blood testing?

I believe they may have been influenced by the most recent Hall of Fame voting, in which not a single player was selected for induction. This is largely believed to be due to the strong suspicion of performance enhancing drug use surrounding many of the eligible players. Even the players who were almost certainly not involved in PED use were seemingly punished and viewed as guilty by association.

The current punishment is 50 games for a first offense, 1 year for a 2nd offense, and a lifetime ban for a 3rd offense.

Matt Holliday and Curt Schilling have already spoken out about it, but apparently there are more players who really want to see things cleaned up.

What do you think? Should the penalties for PED use be increased? Or are they already appropriate?
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