MLB demand metal detectors at all stadiums in 2014

You will have to go through a metal detector at every MLB game next season

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Blog Photo - MLB demand metal detectors at all stadiums in 201Major League Baseball is still issuing changes to security policies in the wake of April's Boston Marathon bombing. The latest was just announced today -- effective Opening Day 2014, very single MLB stadium will make fans go through a metal detector before entering the ballpark. The MLB league office is recommending walk-through metal detectors to move lines quickly, but teams are allowed to meet the requirement with metal detector wands like the one seen at left.

The obvious upshot -- this is terrible news for those of us who bring flasks of liquor into MLB stadiums. Clearly we will have to begin finding non-metallic flasks.

But security is the bigger concern, and Major League Baseball will require metal detectors at all MLB stadiums in 2014, according to the Associated Press. "It's the reality, unfortunately, of this world," MLB security director John Skinner said during a security symposium earlier today.

Blog Photo - MLB demand metal detectors at all stadiums in 201Up until now, bag checks were the only security measure mandatory at all MLB stadiums. Metal detectors and pat-downs are employed by some parks, but it has been an optional requirement.

The NFL, meanwhile, requires metal detectors and pat-downs, and requires fans to bring in only clear plastic bags.

MLB clubs know the change is coming, but the league has not spelled out all the requirements of the new security specifications. They will do so at the winter meetings next month. "Fan screening will be one of the subjects addressed," MLB spokesman Michael Teevan said in an email to the AP. "We are continuing to consult with our clubs, our experts and the Department of Homeland Security, and we expect to announce specific changes after some further off-season meetings."
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