MLB expands instant replay starting in 2014 season

More instant replay is coming to Major League Baseball

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Blog Photo - MLB expands instant replay starting in 2014 seasonMLB owners unanimously approved expanded instant replay, which will start in the 2014 season. The basic rules, according to
Beginning this season, each manager will start a game with one challenge. If it is upheld, he retains his challenge but can never have more than two in a game. If the manager exhausts his challenges before the start of the seventh inning, he is out of luck, adding a new element of strategy to the game. Beginning in the top of the seventh, the crew chief is empowered to institute a review.

Another key change is that teams will now be allowed to show replays of close plays on the stadium video screens.
"Our fans will love it," [MLB Commissioner Bud] Selig predicted. "You know, the thought that, in the past, I could be sitting at home watching a game and get all the replays. And [somebody else] could be sitting at the ballpark and couldn't see any of these replays. That's just wrong."

In the past, teams weren't allowed to show those plays because of a 1976 incident in Yankee Stadium. Noted baseball writer Rob Neyer thinks this particular aspect won't be around long, but it's an improvement while it lasts.

Previously, MLB had only used instant replay on questionable home runs. Now, it has been expanded to include a number of other situations, and this should be a great tool to improve the game and eliminate terrible calls. We'll see how it works out.
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This sounds like another STUPID idea from the Commissioner's office.  Bud just couldn't resist making one more screw up before he leaves.  This part really is ridiculous...  Beginning in the top of the seventh, the crew chief is empowered to institute a review.   Why not at ANY time?  If the goal was to get the calls right then why limit when the umpires can institute a review?  Further, why the dopey challenges?