MLB needs to eliminate rain-shortened games

No more rain-shortened games

7/24/14 in MLB   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

Some rules in sports are just accepted and seldom questioned. One rule in baseball that has been a staple in the sport, but likely isn't discussed for change, is a game being shortened due to rain.

Did you ever think about how absurd it is that a 9 inning game can be determined in only 5 innings, should mother nature decide to prevent the conclusion of that game?

You're eliminating 4 innings, 12 outs, and calling it an official game? Why can't the game be continued the next day, or be treated as any make-up game? Instead, you're giving a team a win when only playing slightly more than half the game.

Just think of a team fighting for a playoff spot, and that team loses a rain-shortened game. Forget about it being the rules, is it right? If you can't assume a double play, you definitely can't assume the outcome of game that would still have 4 innings to play.

Yankees' manager Joe Girardi recently spoke out about this topic. Girardi feels all games should be completed. Could you imagine the NFL calling a game middle of the 3rd quarter and never completing it?

And please don't argue that there's 162 games, so a few rain-shortened games can't impact a team's season. At the end of the day every game counts, especially with a second wild card.

The issue here is how mindless it is that a team can win a game by playing a little more than half a game. Let's finish these games MLB!

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