MLB runs ad prematurely saying Yankeees won jumps gun, names Yankees winners hours before game is played

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Blog Photo - MLB runs ad prematurely saying Yankeees wonConspiracy theorists, start your engines. It was either an honest mistake, or one of the most blatant examples of East Coast bias since that time Sportscenter got wind of the Tim Tebow shirtless pictures. For a short time Friday afternoon, was running ads for a Yankees-Tigers American League Championship Series -- even though the Yankees still had not started their Division Series Game 5 against the Orioles.

The graphic has since been noticed and removed. But this premature Yank elation gives more fodder to small market fans who suspect that baseball is generally just completely rigged and in the tank for the New York Yankees.

The full graphic of the premature Yankee victory announcement can be seen on, and can be seen above in a smaller version. The right hand side of the image clearly shows an ad for a "DET @ NYY" Game 1 of the ALCS on Saturday. The very same Yankees-Tigers Game 1 is advertised at the top of the screen.

Blog Photo - MLB runs ad prematurely saying Yankeees wonThis was posted nearly an hour before the decisive Yankees-Orioles ALDS Game 5 had even started.

"This is as good a reason as any to install Adblock on your browsers," quips Deadspin's Jack Dickey.

The Baltimore Orioles might have been able to use this as some motivational bulletin board material, but's miscue happened so close to game time that the O's would not have been aware.

The game is still in progress this afternoon, and the Yankees are currently up. You can follow the action on GameDay -- if you think you can trust them.
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